Lucky Broncos fans pick up their Super Bowl tickets for $1700 per pair

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DENVER -- With the potential for bad weather at the Super Bowl -- the price of indoor suites at the stadium has already hit $1 million.

Even seats out in the elements are selling for thousands of dollars each.

So with prices like those, $1,700 for a pair of tickets sounds like a steal.

But that's exactly how much some lucky fans paid Wednesday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Season ticket holders were entered into a lottery and the winners showed up at the stadium Wednesday to get their hands on those valuable seats.

"I  had actually scheduled time away from work several months ago in anticipation of this possibility,” says Mike Hunt.

"Been waiting 15 years since the last Super Bowl that I didn't get tickets to … for these to come,” says Louis Zerobnick.

For this game, 35 percent of tickets are split between Denver and Seattle. That means 14,000 of the 80,000 seats sold will go to Broncos fans, that is unless they decide to cash in by reselling them on the secondary market.


  • Bob

    Anybody who pays $1,700 for two tickets to a game that really is just another meaningless entertainment event is not “lucky”. Deranged is a better word.

  • Freeway Ricky Ross

    Wait’ll they hit $150 in the snow not to mention NYC/NJ is the mobbed up scalping center of the U.S. and are buried in seats.


    Hey there Bob! How’s the air up there on your high horse? If somebody wants to pay $1700 for an event they feel worthy of the money spent, who are you to belittle them by saying they’re “deranged”? I’m sure there’s something you and your highfalutin attitude would spend your elitist money on, even if the price tag was a bit steep. Kick rocks.


    While your sarcasm is noted and absolutely adorable, it pains me to say that it comes across as uninspired and flaccid at best. C’mon, you’re better than that, Bob!

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