34 vehicles vandalized in Denver overnight

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DENVER -- Dozens of people in Denver woke up to find their cars vandalized Wednesday morning. Tires were slashed and windshields were smashed.

Police said the damage stretches from the 600 block of S. Exposition Avenue to E. Hampden Avenue and from Yosemite to Leyden streets.

They estimate it happened between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday.

DPD spokeswoman Raquel Lopez said 34 vehicles were reported vandalized, 19 with punctured tires.  We found 20 vehicles with damaged tires on two streets alone.

One neighbor told us police told him 300 tires were slashed.

Lopez said it's possible some people filed police reports online and those numbers aren't yet available.

Instead of driving his car to work, Jacob Beasley hires a tow truck to move it.

“Really angry, I mean, I’m young and I have to spend $400 on two tires that I don’t have. I don’t have that money,” he said. Plus, he had to take a half-day off work to fix the problem.

His neighbors are feeling the pain.  Some will have to do the repairs themselves.

“Came out at 5:30 this morning, to find all four of my tires slashed,” said Andrew, who didn’t want to give his last name. He had a friend come over to remove the bad tires and put on new ones.

Just on this one side of Iliff Street, vandals slashed the tires of at least 10 vehicles.

“It’s a bad situation. I can’t even move my car right now until I get it fixed,” says another unidentified man, who woke up to find two flats on his GMC Jimmy.

He said without transportation he can’t go anywhere, and he couldn’t pick up his grandkids either.

Some victims have two flats, others four—all of them left as deflated as their tires.

“It cost me nearly $500. Pretty pricy. But, just irritated. You’re running through your mind why would anyone do something like this?" questions Emily Doane, who also had another car stolen outside the same apartment complex, Monaco South, in October.

Vandals also hurt at least 10 other drivers on Linden Court, just a few blocks west.

“Someone must have been really angry,” says victim Kelli Sena.

She found all four of her tires flattened.

“Those are brand new tires we got for the winter. We put them on a credit card. They’re not paid for yet,” she says.

One tire had 10 punctures—and a little blood—which victims hope leads to the culprits.

“I want to kick them bad. We have three kids. This isn’t exactly cheap for us you know,” says victim Josh Polk.

He also says removing old and replacing new tires isn’t how he’s like to spend his day.

“It’s really stupid, I don’t understand it,” he says of the senseless crimes.

Most victims say their insurance doesn’t cover the cost of new tires because they carry only liability—or their deductible is too high.


  • James Christman

    It’s because of these teen-age boys running around all night causing trouble (on a school night, no less), when they should be at home. Where are the parents of these hooligans?

  • Jack

    One evening I found my car with 4 slashed tires, side mirror broken off and a dent on the door. I wasn’t home and living paycheck to paycheck at the time so it was a real pain.

  • Matt

    Let’s hope they run into the wrong person. It’s a shame no one caught them in the act with whatever deadly weapon they are using to slash tires.

  • James Christman

    In October, they got my vehicles in Woodstream Falls on two separate occasions. Cost me $1000. An off duty Denver policeman busted them. Turns out the kid in the back of the squad car was an immigrant from Somalia. Went to the trial a couple of weeks ago. The kid and its mother (dressed in robes and head dress) needed an interpreter. Isn’t that special? He got convicted. Great immigration policy we have in this country. I wouldn’t be surprised if elements of the same group of “refugees” was involved in the Monaco South incident last night. Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs to get involved….

  • Robert Gift

    ^ Can’t blame the DPD for not observing and catching the coward.
    It’s easy to damage tires and vehicles and not be seen. Then continue walking down a street looking like a normal person.

    This mentally case harms those who do not have the money to have garages in which to park their cars.
    Hope the criminal is found and forced to pay all damage.

  • James Christman

    Kid is about 17, and probably here illegally. He’ll have to pay restitution to get off of probation, which will take forever. That is, if he and its mother don’t flee Denver. And, ICE probably won’t do anything anyway.

  • SloCatch

    How many years now have we heard that the USA has 11,000,000 illegals? The real number is over 31,000,000 a percentage of those are the enemys we are currently at war with. Our Present Leadership is very aware of it and seams to perscribe it to us. Hold our present leadership 100% accountable.

  • heather

    the persons blood is a minor, his DNA isn’t stored in the system yet so maybe if he commits a crime later in life it will be matched up.

  • Scooter

    I dont understand why the first people we look to blame are immigrants. The problem with crime in America is not immigration, it is the fact that crime actually pays. Criminals get free room and board, cable TV, internet, medical attention and an education. Take away these amenities and build big bigger and a lot tougher prisons. Bring back the chain gangs and put them to work, they obviously have way too much free time and are not too tired to commit these senseless crimes.

  • lambertamr

    Nobody ever suspects the tire shop when these things happen. Always think it’s the punk kids. just sayin

  • Freeway Ricky Ross

    D.A. Mitch is giving Slappy White a royal roasting over the crime rates. Slappy should join Allen & Rossi at the Tropicana as an opening act. “Hello Dare!”.Hancock is on Industrial Road with his $1 bills. Woodstream Falls is a joke. 1971 installed water pipes imploding, taxi cab kids running all over. These characters are a pack of 18 year old white kids.

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