Accused Englewood H.S. vandals make court appearance

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- Three  men accused of causing hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to Englewood High School went before a judge for the first time Tuesday.

Anthony Meany, Michael Trickel and Chad Delgadillo are accused of vandalizing the school early on a Sunday morning. They face charges of burglary, arson and criminal mischief.

"I just want everybody to know that my son's not like this it's not him," Michael Trickel's mother Lisa says. She believes he got "duped" into the break-in by Anthony Meany.

"He doesn't remember a thing he doesn't remember being there he doesn't remember doing anything the only thing he knows is that Meany and the other kid came and told him about it the next day," she says.

Investigators say the three were caught on surveillance camera video inside the school.

Police say they damaged $450,000 worth of property at the school, destroying math and science equipment along with some musical instruments.



  • Robert Gift

    Michael Trickel “… doesn’t remember a thing he doesn’t remember being there he doesn’t remember doing anything”

    Guess he shouldn’t drink, should he?
    Hope they ALL are orded to pay for damages even if it takes the rest of these criminals’ lives.

  • Scooter

    Lisa Trickel should be thankful her son didnt get “duped” into jumping off a bridge. Really? The MEANY made him do it…

  • SpamFace Plant

    All adults and they will all pay for their less than mediocre behavior. Another Mom with a “he’s good boy” and shouldn’t take any responsibility for soiling his public character like a dirty diaper..

  • NN

    If you really believe your kid doesn’t remember breaking into a school and vandalizing it…. You are out of your mind. That is crazy!! That kid has you so fooled!! Open your eyes “MOM”!

  • SloCatch

    When you compair these three punks with the Men and women of our Armed Forces which are the same age you sure don’t come up with much do you? In many ways I wish the Draft was still in effect.


    “the only thing he knows is that Meany and the other KID came and told him about it the next day”

    He’s not a kid! He’s a worthless, waste of space adult. Just because he still lives with mommy doesn’t change that.

    • Nick Mares

      He may be dumb but he is my family . I told u long ago becca you are not and will not ever be apart of this family , if I ever see u , u better run and hide because I will not be merciful two you and it will not end quickly this also goes two every one eels who commented on this web site , find a person . Com is very usefull

  • becca

    I personally know both Michael trickel and Anthony meany and lisa. they are all people who drink!! Michael is my sons dad and chose not to have his son that weekend. Michael knows exactly what he did. my lil brother goes to Englewood and is very upset that someone he looked up to years ago would do this to his high school :( I WANT JUSTICE

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