Legislation proposed to keep Colo. bars open till 7 a.m.

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DENVER — A law that allows bars in Colorado to stay open until 7 a.m. has been proposed, reported The Denver Post.

The proposed law is not intended to keep people drinking and partying until the sun rises, but to help prevent a mass exodus from bars at the same time, reported the metro newspaper.

Allowing bars to serve booze until 7 a.m. could help prevent violent fights and clashes between bar patrons on the streets in areas like LoDo, said democratic state Rep. Crisanta Duran.

“When you mix alcohol and large crowds exiting at the exact same time, that’s when problems occur,” she said. “We’re giving cities the option to allow bars to stay open longer and serve if they want.”

Currently, Colorado law states that alcohol cannot be served in bars after 2 a.m.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been informed about plans to make popular nightlife areas likes LoDo safer, including a proposal for bars to stay open later. However, a spokesperson for the mayor said he has not taken a position on the proposed law yet.

Duran said she has the support of the Downtown Denver Partnership Inc., and is working with the Colorado Restaurant Association and Tavern League of Colorado to create reasonable amendments on the bill.

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