CSP confiscates over $15K during routine traffic stop

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LAS ANIMAS COUNTY, Colo. — The Colorado State Patrol seized over $15,000 in cash Friday morning after pulling over a vehicle for exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 mph.

The vehicle was heading southbound on I-25 approximately 16 miles north of Trinidad when it was pulled over, said the CSP.

The CSP added that the male driver was not the registered owner for the car and had no explanation as to how he became in possession of the car or where the vehicle’s owner was.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, during which authorities uncovered a weapon and a substantial amount of currency in multiple bank and gift cards, said the CSP. The search also revealed that the driver was a convicted felon — Colorado law prohibits felons from possessing a firearm.

A K-9 search then resulted in the discovery of over $15,000 in cash, and the driver was unable to provide any paperwork proving the money was his, said CSP.

CSP said they then cited the driver for speeding and had the car towed. The money was taken for processing after the driver was released.

This investigation is ongoing, said state patrol.


  • Carlo R

    And I said: “Oo…I didn’t know that, but there’s only one I met, and he just smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette!”

  • Robert Gift

    Insure that all lights are working, license plates clean, no major cracks in windshield, nothing dangling from the rearview mirror, no window tinting.

  • Kim

    If he’s a felon and had a gun why wasn’t he also arrested for breaking that law?!? I understand they will continue the investigation but with all of the suspicious activities I would think they would keep him in jail a couple of days while they figure it out…

  • Joyce Santifer

    Once again our CSP has done something totally stupid. Why was the driver only cited for speeding when, as they pointed out he had no answers for how he obtained the vehicle, the cash and oh yeah a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Why was he not arrested on the spot. What is wrong with this picture. Do they really think he’ll pay the ticket ?

  • Johnny

    I dont know all the details, but does is bother anyone else that the cops can just “confiscate” your cash because you don’t have “paperwork” proving it’s yours? Um… it’s CASH, it’s mine. Unless you can PROVE it isn’t or that I obtained it illegally, you have no right to take it.

  • Neo Conservative

    Mexicans cause cancer. They also cause you to stump your toe in the dark. When people get pink eye it is a direct result of illegal immigrants. This latest lupus epidemic is a result of a collaboration between Obama and mexicans.

  • tyra

    WOW so now are right to carry money in our pockets is taken away? So whats next jailing some kid for a facebook comment about the president? Oh yeah they did do that.

  • Tom Sanders

    So since it’s against state and federal law to have a gun if you’re a convicted felon why wasn’t he charged? So the police are saying they kept the money because he didn’t have a receipt? so if I have $300-400 on me and didn’t keep my paycheck stub to show them..they can keep it? That’s your corrupt government.

  • Test

    I liked Reagan, but this confiscation stuff was one of his biggest mistakes.

    Remember folks, a doctor was convicted of a felony in Loveland for giving out an Rx for pot. Not all felons are even remotely dangerous. In fact a lot of stupid things are felonies anymore.

  • Stacia

    Illegals. Drug running, entering illegally, driving stolen cars, having no insurance, tons of cash, possessing an illegal fire arm, going 20 mph over the speed limit, all illegal. Send a message, take him to the border and execute him in front of all the criminals trying to cut across. This country is screwed if we dont stop the infiltration sooner rather than later.

    It does not matter that we ” all are immigrants”. The LAW says you cannot come across our border and live ,undocumented.

    Americans do not want you all here. Americans are quick to blame a mexican ,because 90%+ are illegals from mexico!!!!!

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