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Castle Rock Police investigate death of woman found in impounded car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Police lights

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — A woman was found dead in her impounded car at a towing company in Castle Rock, according to police.

Officers were called to Westside Towing Thursday morning on a report of a woman sleeping in a car. It turns out the woman in the back seat was dead, said spokeswoman Caroline Kipp.

Her car had been impounded in December, Kipp said.

The woman has not been identified and her death is under investigation.

Castle Rock police said there is no threat to the community as a result of this case.


  • Debi

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  • Christopher

    Seriously, just being found but the car towed in December? Whats up with these tow truck drivers? Why can they not take a look in the vehicle to see if someone is sleeping in the car before they tow it? Are they this money hungry?

  • Lisa Beatty

    Has nothing to do with the tow truck drivers…

    I doubt the lady was sleeping in the car when it was towed… If so im sure she would have “woken” up and got out at a red light when the vehicle stopped….

  • MSG Chuck

    It has everything to do with the tow truck driver….Look in the car stupid.
    Sleeping or dead she should have been visible

  • naytahlee

    A lot of assumptions being made. Where does it say she was in the car when it was towed? Is it possible she got into the car in the impound yard? Maybe she died elsewhere and someone put her in the car? This story leaves more questions than answers.

  • Robert Gift

    A tow truck driver is trying to get the vehicle out of traffic or out of a parking lot as soon as possible. I would not expect him/her to look in the vehicle for someone sleeping.
    Is the impound yard open to where she could have later entered her vehicle with her key?

  • Tom Sanders

    Those towing people would tow a car with a dozen dead people in it and let them rot in a storage lot for a year just to collect their commission…their own grandmother could be in there and they would throw a towel over her face.

  • spunkechic8

    My brother-in-law is good at what he does as a tow truck driver. I know for a fact his company checks vehicles before impounding them.

    They are NOT all losers.

    My guess is she enetered vehicle at later time or was placed there because of a criminal act.

  • Shellbert

    Maybe her car was her home. If they towed it in December, maybe she got in her car while it was in the impound lot. I have several friends that are tow truck driver’s and they said they are not suppose to tow a car with someone in it. Way to many assuming it is the tow truck driver’s fault. The whole story has not been told here.

  • Rob

    It’s not up to me to “Check” a car sure if doing a private property to I make sure nobody is sleeping in the car, But who in their right mind goes to sleep in a car in the winter with the engine off ?? I don’t clean snow off of a car when I am doing a Private property call

  • Sly

    Tow companies only get paid if they have the vehicle “hooked” up.
    Perfect place for her to have her car, in a hotel parking lot where no one will notice for days and when management finally calls it is assumed the car was checked by staff to see if it was a guest.
    just who knew the inventory at tow yard would take 5wks
    1st scenario she committed suicide (has a history of attempts)
    knew it would be days before questioned
    2nd scenario. homeless, needed place to park and succumbed to the cold
    huddled under blankets. I find it highly unlikely she snuck in at the tow yard. someone needs access to food & facilities and a public escape. and what if there was dogs on property. …chances you dont take sneaking in.
    her body was In the vehicle whe. towed.

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