Eric Decker, pregnant wife Jessie James appear in racy GQ spread [PHOTOS]

DENVER — Under the headline “Mile Hi Club,” Eric Decker and his currently-pregnant wife Jessie James continue to bare all.

The spread, which will appear in the magazine GQ’s next edition, which is scheduled to hit newsstands on Jan. 28, features a series of photos of Decker and James scantly clad and in a few suggestive poses.

No effort is made to hide James’ baby bump (she’s due in March). In fact, an effort appears to have been made to flaunt it, with the country singer never wearing anything more than her skives and a crop top — and usually less.

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Don’t worry, ladies, Decker didn’t prove to be much more modest than his wife. The Denver Broncos wide receiver goes shirtless in the majority of his shots.

The couple also had their own reality show this last year. “Game On,” which aired on the E! network last year and wrapped up on Nov. 3. Currently, Decker is gearing up to help continue the Broncos playoff run on Sunday against the New England Patriots, while James continues to promote her new album, “Promises,” which came out late last year.

LINK: View the whole GQ photo shoot

More on the photos

“He wasn’t wearing a lot, but he made the jeans look good,” laughs Broncos fan Maria Vela.

At Governor’s Park, sports fans think Decker scored big in the GQ photo shoot with his pregnant, country-singer wife Jessie James.

“She’s okay,” jokes Vela about James’ sexy poses.

Decker sports high-dollar denim on the bed, at the gym, and in the kitchen.

“How nice, a little home cooking. He is a sexy man,” says Broncos fan Jason Boulanger.

Decker proves his record-setting skills on the gridiron this season—and also in front of the camera.

“If it wasn’t for football, he could definitely be a model. And I’d put him up on my wall,” jokes Boulanger.

Even some Broncos wives taking notice.

“If you got it flaunt it. Good for her,” laughs Corey Cogdell, Broncos’ Mitch Unrein’s fiancée.

“Those pics totally exemplify the relationship they have. And I think it’s just adorable,” says Veronica Woodyard, Broncos’ Wesley Woodyard’s wife.

But some fans think the sexy spread is a distraction.

“He and his wife look good, but I think he should be concentrating more on the playoffs,” says Broncos fan Scott Tracey.

Either way, Decker proves he can pull off both football and the latest fashion trends.

“He’s so good looking, he could be in any magazine,” says Boulanger.

“I think he’s every girl’s favorite player,” says Vela.

To be fair, the photos were taken in November—before the playoffs were in the picture.

The magazine hits newsstands January 28.

Their baby girl is due several weeks later in March.