Nevada motel captive found after Facebook post

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MESQUITE, Nev. — A women was held captive in a Nevada motel for six months until she was rescued after a Facebook post, reported the Las Vegas Sun.

According to the Mesquite police, Sheena Herschbach was taken against her will by Jason Greniger to a Mesquite motel, where she was beaten and endured threats made against her family.

For six months, Greniger permitted Herschbach to leave the motel room only to retrieve beer from a nearby Smith’s grocery store. Then, for reasons not stated, he allowed her to visit a library, where she was able to access the Internet and her Facebook account.

“I just want to let every one know I’m sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me yes Jason don’t knoe im online in mesquet novata at the mv motel,” posted Herschbach during her library visit.

A friend reported the post immediately to police and, that night, authorities rescued Herschbach and apprehended Greniger.

Mesquite police reported that Greniger picked up Herschbach in California. He threatened to hurt her and her children if she did not go with him, police said.

He took her to MV Motel off of Mesquite Boulevard, where they were hired by the owner to run the motel, according to the police report.

Greniger beat Herschbach repeatedly and made malicious threats to hurt her family, reported police.

At the time of the rescue, police said they also uncovered that the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office had a warrant out for Greniger’s arrest based on a count of first-degree punishment of a child.

Greniger was detained and charged with an additional account of second-degree kidnapping, said police.

A Facebook post on Sunday stated that Herschbach was recovering from the incident well.

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