Marijuana amnesty boxes to arrive at Colorado Springs Airport

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Airport announced Friday plans to have amnesty boxes at the airport for people to surrender their marijuana rather than face penalties.

These amnesty boxes could arrive at the airport as early as Wednesday, reported KRDO.

The Colorado Springs Airport will partner with the Colorado Springs Police Department on this new marijuana enforcement, said the airport, adding that any confiscated pot will be sent to CSPD’s vendor for disposal.

Until the boxes arrive, individuals have the option to leave their marijuana in their vehicle or with a friend or family member, or give it to the Transportation Security Administration or law enforcement inside the airport without any repercussions, reported KRDO.

While Colorado put Amendment 64 into effect on Jan. 1, both recreational and medicinal marijuana are still on the TSA’s no-fly list.

Anyone refusing to turn in their pot via one of the options above could face a fine of up to $2,500 and spend up to six months in jail.

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  • The TRUTH

    Is there something wrong with just throwing it away into a trash can? Who let skunk out! Whoot, whoot whoot whoot.

  • Jack

    The TSA is not going to dig through trash to ensure the can split the green up later. They would like it handy in one spot for “proper disposal”

  • Harold Seaward

    “or give it to the Transportation Security Administration or law enforcement inside the airport with any repercussions”

    With ANY repercussions? F that! They get to party with my weed and I get ANY repercussions?!

  • Rustafari

    The TSA are a bunch of fat, bald dopes who couldn’t get a job as a cop, and the jails weren’t hiring either, and they are no longer allowed to be bar bouncers.

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