Broncos will win Sunday, Boston Globe sportswriter says

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BOSTON -- A sports columnist for the Boston Globe picked the Denver Broncos to win over the New England Patriots.

"The Broncos are going to beat the New England Patriots on Sunday," wrote Dan Shaughnessy, who has been reporting for the Globe since 1981, in an article Wednesday.

He followed that opening statement in clarifying that he is not a Broncos fan, he is simply commenting on the situation as he sees it.

In his Globe article, he went on to say that, based on the past season, he believes the Broncos are the stronger opponent in this crucial match-up and will likely be the team to go onto the Super Bowl.

Despite multiple setbacks, including injuries to major players, Shaughnessy said the Patriots have really risen to the occasion this season, "playing their best football at a time it matters most." But, he added, they are still not a better team than the Broncos.

Where the Patriots may have an advantage is if the Broncos begin to doubt their own abilities, said Shaughnessy.

Yet, his opinion remained in favor of the Broncos.

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