Developers see golden opportunity for former St. Anthony site; Others grumble

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DENVER -- On a 24 acre site, once home to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital, a new neighborhood stands ready to help give West Colfax, between Federal and Sheridan, new life.

But some neighbors say the plans for the development are out of context for the area.

Chad Reischl with the West Colfax Association of Neighbors (WECAN) said the area will be desirable for "suburban types" moving into the city who want to be close to downtown.

With the light rail West Line, "That is possible," said Reischl. "But no one wants to live where there is nothing to do.”

Reischl says plans for the site call for a specialty hotel, theater complex, main street and new residential housing including both town homes and high rise apartments.

There are four neighborhood groups along with WECAN.  One group took no position, one was opposed and two others approved the plans along with the Denver Planning Board.

Still, there are some who say the project is, out of context with the neighborhood.

“We think calls for buildings to be 20 stories may be too high,” said Larry Ambrose, with Sloan’s Lake Neighbors. “We all want to see the site redeveloped but with three qualifiers."

Ambrose said they want shorter buildings, different locations for them and more open space.

"The project is calling for 1.4 acres of open space," Ambrose said. "Neighbors want that bumped up to 2.5 acres.”

The redevelopment of West Colfax offers opportunity for lots of land now either vacant or used as a car lot to be developed into commercial spaces.

There are very few restaurants or other places for people to gather.  That is why this plot of land has developers drooling over the area.

Between Perry and Stuart streets and from 17th Avenue to Colfax, the area is ripe for a new mix of development.

Reischl says if new living modes are built, higher income people will move to west Denver, to be closer to downtown fun and action.

Mayor Hancock is due to be in the neighborhood Tuesday to go over final project plans. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. at 1400 Quitman Street in the Confluence Center.


  • Dooter

    Why would you put anything like that in that area? It will be a run down pile of s h it in no time. No one will go knowing their chances of being stabbed or ran over in a hit & run is triple that of any other area. Why not build lakeside in the middle of Montbello….

  • Jim

    Let’s no and say we did – There is NO VACANCY In Colorado!

    There is NO EXTRA water coming out of the mountains and every transplant makes less to go around, and look at what is happening to Downtown with all these east coast and mid-west refugees! Go back to the state from whence you came!

  • monkey

    Something needs done to clean it up look how good there doing with east Colfax and the old fitzsimons property

  • Mordechai Kadovitz

    What concerns me is that the S Loan’s Lake Community was asked to come together 6 years ago in a special Task force to come up with an agreed plan to avoid the contention that seems to be brewing. The St. Anthony Develp. plan was adopted into the city’s West Colfax PLan and the new zoning code. People invested 18 months in good faith to do this. You don’t ask us to come up with a plan to then allow Enviro Finance Group – developer to come in and do as they please… basically telling us to go jump in Sloan’s Lake! Then these public meetings are nothing more than window dressing.

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