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Colo. lawmakers seek to ban food stamps usage for pot

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(Photo: MGN Online)

DENVER — With the legalization of recreational marijuana, several Colorado lawmakers have proposed a bill to ban the use of food stamps for pot sales.

Senate Bill 37, the proposed bill, would add marijuana dispensaries to the list of places where public assistance payment and food stamp recipients cannot use their electronic benefits cards — this list includes liquor stores, gun shops and casinos.

According to the Associated Press, there have been no reports of public EBT card usage at marijuana dispensaries, but the proposed bill is intended to make it clear it is not legal to do so.

It was also stated that the Colorado marijuana industry supports the bill.

A hearing on Senate Bill 37 has yet to be set.


  • Richard McCrea

    Let’s also pass a law which restricts dancing for pot. These stores are getting really crowded and we don’t want anyone to get kicked. Seriously, if the stores don’t have the ability to accept them a high person would know that the consumer doesn’t have the right to use them. My Shell credit card won’t buy anything at Starbucks.. DUH.

  • Mike

    Next week we’ll be able to read about a lawyer who is going to stand up for the rights of the “food stamp pot smokers”

  • gman

    food stamps are to eat food, pot is to get stoned, they shouldn’t be using food stamps for pot. I don’t get why there are some people who don’t get that

  • Myke Hermann

    I have to agree with codswallop, if they can afford recreational drugs then they should not need or get any public assistance dollars.

  • DR Commish

    Amazing that we would even have to visit this concern… But if we’re going to continue giving tax-payer funded “food stamps” to people in need of food… they really ought to be using them for…. food.

  • Brianna

    when using recreational pot. Smoker aka stoners get a lot more hungrier so they go to the store and buy the food so why can’t we use our card to buy pot I think it’s pretty good idea

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