What to consider before jumping into the stock market now

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New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange

DENVER — The stock market saw impressive growth during 2013. The questions are how long will it last and is now a good time for people to invest in the market?

FOX31 Denver’s Dave Young answers those questions in his video report.


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  • DR Commish

    Presently… The Stock Market is being artificially propped up by “Quantitative Easing”… Our Federal Government is “buying” bonds and securities with money it just doesn’t have… it’s all digital….”Printing” money simply by moving decimal points. At the rate of 85 Billion a month… it’s just a matter of time before this “house of cards” falls.
    It’s going to take someone of some maturity, bravery, and credibility to finally say… “Enough is Enough”. My bet….That person will NOT be a Progressive Democrat.

    You don’t have to believe me here…. just do some simple research on your own…. Hyper-Inflation, Rise in Mortgage Rates, and a Stock Market Correction (Crash)… are just around the corner.

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