Denver Police investigate death of 4-month-old at homeless shelter

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Salvation Army Lambuth Family Center. 2700 block of Federal Blvd. in Denver.

Salvation Army Lambuth Family Center. 2700 block of Federal Blvd. in Denver.

DENVER — Police were investigating the death of a 4-month-old boy at a Salvation Army homeless shelter.

The baby was found at the Lambuth Family Shelter in the 2700 block of Federal late Monday night. The child’s family was staying at the shelter.

The Salvation Army referred all questions to the Denver Police Department.

“We are struck by the tragedy of this event, and our hearts go out to the family,” a statement from the Salvation Army said.

Police did not release any information about the case.


  • Mary Jane

    I hope the Mother decides to try birth control. That’s no way for a child to live, and at 4 months old, that’s really sad. If they cant take care of themselves, I hope they don’t have any more babies.

  • Lucille Magilacutty

    Mary Jane, people end up in homeless shelters all t he time and it’s no reflection of “lifestyle”. There are people living in shelters due to the floods this fall and fires last summer. Shame on you for being so judgmental!

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    The news said that the parents left the child at the shelter for a few hours to run “errands.” 1. Who leaves their 4 month old at a shelter when they leave? 2. Who runs “errands” while they live in a shelter? 3. What kind of “errands” were they running?

  • jessie

    How bout trying to find a job or get affairs to gather to move out and it didn’t say they just left the child they could have left the child with a friend. Considering the weather has been extremely cold and a four month old shouldnt be walking around on errands. And I agree with lucille that life happens you cant control everything and many people dont have family to just go stay with.

  • Triston Fox

    Well I’m the father of her oldest 3 children. They are on the run from new york. He physically assualted our oldest son so how is he allowed to live in a shelter ???

  • Olive

    The salvation army always allow the wrong kind of people to help. This people always have something to do with the law ,drugs,and alcohol. This people don’t need to have kids if they don’t take care of them. That’s why this people are the way they are cause of all this help they get. What the government needs to do is put all this ladies in birth control, so they can stop bringing all this kids to this world to suffer.
    I’m a grandmother raising 6 of my grandkids. Because of mothers that would rather go to a shelter with a no good man. Instead of taking care of her kids. And better their life. God have mercy on this people.

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