Man shot and killed after being mistaken for coyote

Posted on: 7:21 pm, January 5, 2014, by , updated on: 07:24pm, January 5, 2014

(Photo: MGN Online)

(Photo: MGN Online)

EGNAR, Colo. — An Egnar man was accidentally shot to death by a friend who mistook him for a coyote, the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office said.

Trenten Sutherland, 28, was hunting with friends on his property about 10:45 p.m. on Dec. 27, the sheriff’s office said. One of the men somehow thought Sutherland was a coyote and fired at him.

Sutherland died immediately, the sheriff’s office said. An investigation is ongoing.

Sutherland is survived by a wife and two young children.


  • Rob says:

    Very sad. Prayers for his wife and family!

  • Sandy says:

    Very Sad. What the hell! there is no hunting at 10:45 pm. That’s why there is no hunting at night. I feel so sorry for his family.

  • Christy Kane says:

    sounds like a bunch of white trash red necks

  • Eddie says:

    Too much mountain broth. Zeke looking like Willie Nelson.

  • Tammy says:

    Sandy, you most certainly can hunt Coyotes, Coons Fox, etc. at night. That’s a true fact. Yes, I feel sorry for his family and it is sad.

  • Only a monster hunts coyotes.

  • jeff says:

    HOW many beers had been consumed at the time of the “accident”. There is NO way you can mistake a human for coyote. Another example of we need tighter restrictions for firearms. That idiot shot a friend, he should not have a weapon and thats an example of idiots should not own guns.

  • brandon says:

    shut up kenny, u obviously kno nothing about the animal kingdom. i can understand u thinking that about deer hunters which is also incorrect but you are entitled to your opinion. but the fact u call me a monster for protecting my family my pets and all those around me makes you the monster. coyotes are 50lbs plus around this area and are hybrids of wolves. i currently have one in need of harvesting thats been watching my dog in my own back yard. what makes is human the power of choice, if animals had the power of choice they would be harvesting us. this world is a monster, act accordingly

  • Larry Banal says:

    with friends like this…who needs enemies. they could use some “edjucatin” though

  • weed hater says:

    probably high on pot. you people have one messed up state.take away all the guns but give access to mind altering drugs.yeah,real smart.I am glad I didn’t take the job and wind up living in communist colorado.

  • Larry says:

    Brandon, NO, YOU shut up. Just kidding, but that’s what your comment sounds like. Your other points are well said, as you know. We have 50-lb coyotes in the city of Austin right around where I live too, and the outskirts of course. We’re not allowed to kill them, and we’ve had a couple of cats through the years taken. Still, though I’m glad they can’t be shot here. You learn other means of effective deterrence besides waving your loaded dick at them. I know they’re menacing and all. I’ve had to chase a few away, unarmed, by the way, except with my big mouth and a stick and some rocks. Any real man and even woman could do that. Still, I pretty much just plain hate them, but still admire their skills. But if your world is a monster, then YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG and you’re like a hammer that can only see a nail. Face it. Your love of shooting things isn’t justification for making the world your enemy.

  • fast45 says:

    SO many bad jokes … so little time for posting them here.

    Unfortunate indeed that this happened.

    On a different note: I want to know what some posters were smoking, to believe in 50 lb coyotes. Must be spectacular stuff … where can I get some?

  • Test says:

    Coyotes kill country singer:

    If she were as tough as you, Larry, she could have scared them away?? Blame the victim much?

  • keith says:

    they are good people not white trash red necks

  • Robert Gift says:

    Understandable mistake.
    You are looking for a coyote. You are expecting to find one.
    Noise in the brush which makes you think – COYOTE!
    Shapes you see which your mind interprets as the coyote you are seeking.
    You quickly shoot it before it gets away.

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