Police set up perimeter off Federal Boulevard after suspect flees traffic stop

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DENVER — Denver police surrounded an area of northwest Denver after a suspect fled from officers during a traffic stop, the Denver Police Department confirmed.

A large police perimeter was set up near Federal Boulevard and 38th Avenue about 8:30 p.m. Friday. No civilians were allowed in or out of the area. Police helicopters were also seen in the air.

The search ended about 10:30 p.m. with no arrests, police said.

Emergency radio traffic seemed to indicate the possibility that the suspect was wanted in connection with a homicide, but DPD only noted that the suspect was wanted on “an out of state warrant.”


  • Sophia

    Obviously the guy feels as though he is wanted or he wouldn’t of ran from a simple stoppage. This is in MY neighborhood and it’s weird having bright lights shinning in my windows– very uncomfortable, however if it helps finding this guy then shine all they want. Until then good luck and try not to freak us out with all the cop cars and loud hell-o-coptor.

  • Phyllis Cordova

    I watch fox 31 i belong to emails, but right now i think they should be putting more

    important things on the air and emails , for one lets find kelsie schelling

  • Murray From Hempstead

    He should get Tom Martino’s lawyer for the bail, $550 for punching yer wife in the nose and not even going to the hospial down the street to cover a DUI is magic.

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