Denver police investigating double shooting as homicide

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DENVER -- The discovery of two bodies in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood is being investigated as a homicide, police said Friday.

Officers responding to a report of a burglary came upon two bodies Thursday afternoon in a building near 19th Avenue and Trenton Street.

Denver police said Friday that both victims, two men, had been shot. They are investigating the deaths as a homicide that is not connected to the burglary, police said.

One of the men was identified as Alexander Tower, 37. The second man has not yet been identified.

A friend and a brother of one of the victims, who asked that their names be withheld,  were at the scene Friday morning.  They said they were distraught at the news of the shooting and didn't have any idea why the two men would have been targeted.


  • Jack B.

    Maybe if we had complete gun registration like what they are doing in Connecticut right now we wouldn’t have stuff like this happening. In Connecticut they are making people register all assault weapons and magazines for them. That will make crimes like this impossible to happen

  • Mr_oppressor

    Jack B, I didn’t think pot would be readily available until Wednesday, I guess I was wrong. What makes you think that criminals with guns will obey the law?

  • Jack B.

    No your missing the point. If we take small baby steps to eliminate all guns from our society, do it to fast and people will resist it, for safety sake then future crimes like this will not happen. We did it here with our new laws and hopefully with in a few years make another small push and make us one step closer to complete freedom of guns. If you take them all away this wouldn’t happen. Hopefully we are like Connecticut soon

  • molon labe

    That’s not sarcasm man that’s how people actually think, what he’s talking about is Fabianism small progressive steps towards a goal of great social change. That’s how the UK became a socialist state and what we have happening here right now. Just small nudge after nudge compromise after compromise until you get what you want, just like grinding someone down in poker

  • Murray From Hempstead

    Coke dealers. Probably rookies sellin low percentage grade to some Surenos. Sell the stuff you end up like Tony Montana no matter if you are a cabron or jefe.

  • Tom

    Tim – You are a friggin idiot and a mortal enemy of mine.

    You’re a lamb for the slaughter and too ignorant too see it.

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