Police: Martino allegedly punched wife in face while waiting at stoplight

Posted on: 12:40 pm, December 23, 2013, by , updated on: 12:43pm, December 23, 2013

(Photo: Denver Police Department)

(Photo: Denver Police Department)

DENVER — Police have released a probable cause statement regarding the arrest of radio host and former FOX31 Denver contributor Tom Martino, saying the 60-year-old punched his wife in the face while waiting at a stoplight.

The statement suggests that Martino’s wife, Holly Martino, was the only witness to the assault, which reportedly began with an argument while the couple was sitting at a red light in the area of Auraria Parkway and I-25.

“While the vehicle was stopped at an unknown red light, the victim opened the passenger door to get out of the vehicle,” the statement reads. “The suspect put his arm around the victim, preventing her from exiting the vehicle.

“When the light turned green, the suspect drove away and they continued arguing. The suspect then struck the victim in the face once with a closed first, causing a bloody nose.”

Holly was transported to a nearby hospital after the incident, and Tom was in jail Saturday evening, charged with assault and disturbing the peace. He has since bailed out and issued a statement, saying alcohol had played a role in the altercation.

“Holly and I remain deeply in love and committed to each other and to our family,” Tom said in a statement. “The incident that happened Friday night was a foolish mistake. We were both drinking too much. We got into an argument that escalated over a struggle for a cell phone. We were both inadvertently injured and we were not trying to hurt each other.”

Also known as the “Troubleshooter,” Tom hosts a business-focused radio program on KHOW 630 AM. He previously contributed to FOX31 Denver before leaving the station in 2011.


  • pam says:

    Did Martino get a DUI??? Anyone else would still be behind bars on a 10,000 bond..

  • lowedownfriends says:

    I was wondering the same thing Pam

  • Melissa mcfarlon says:

    He is playing the victim and doing the blame game. I think he is a scam!

  • Mollie Shirley says:

    Scum brigade!

  • So does this mean he was driving drunk? Why didn’t he get a DUI if police were involved? He said he was drunk.

  • Carl Beard says:

    I hope he is charged with a DUI, as he admitted he was drinking and driving in his statements. It’s a complete abuse of stature and absolute B/S that he is not being help to the same harsh legal repercussions anyone else would’ve been held too. DEVER’S D.A. HAD BETTER PERSUE DUI CHARGES!!!!

  • THE TRUTH says:

    He’s a fraud just as half of the businesses on ‘his list’ are. Maybe he needs to be investigated? Oh wait, that won’t happen…I bet he pays his friends off too.

  • Phil says:

    He can release damage control statements all he wants but he still is a sleazebag. with a plastic skank wife.

  • E says:

    this guy is such a fraud. I used to work at an awful Collision repair shop in Aurora and as long as the shop owner paid Martino $500/month we were advertised on his recommended shop website. What comes around goes around Tommy

  • Denise says:

    Wow Spoken like a true abuser did she say she’s deeply in love?

  • Inquiring Mind says:

    So where are the kidnapping, domestic violence and DUI charges? Something smells very fishy. Someone call 60 Minutes and/or Geraldo!

  • Dan says:

    Let’s check the scorecard on Mr. Martino…Bankruptcy, driving after admittedly “drinking too much” and puching his wife in the face with a closed fist. How this guy still has a job that is supported by Colorado residents is BEYOND me. Maybe three strikes will finally be enough.

  • tedd says:

    How these two clowns still give/get endoresements, the wife looks like she just got off a bar stool and headed for the room upstairs!!!!

  • Aleisha says:

    For all of those upset about a scum bag driving drunk and beating his wife call Clear Channel to get him kicked off the air!

    Voice your opinion: (303) 713-8000

  • jack says:

    Call the program director direct:

    Program Director
    (303) 713-8482

  • Pablo R says:

    If people selling granite counter tops and mortgages and cars want to stay with this wife beater, and car dealers and doctors and law offices and even the great Clear Channel management, good luck!! It is one thing to stick us all with millions of tax payer dollars towards his stupid investments at no fault of his own as he claims, but really,, he can’t fess up to punching his wife because he was driving drunk in downtown with his wife trying to get out of the car on a major street while he is beating her in the face, really???? Tom- you might as well take your troubleshooter moonies and move where this zealots can follow- say goodbye to your career- say hello to “and how would you like those fries?”

  • Natalie longsine says:

    Just wondering…was Martino let go from KDVR? I know you can’t discuss his circumstances of either quitting or being let go. Just wondering if this has been in his past before…drunkeness & beating on women. None of us know what they were fighting about but that doesn’t give him the right to hit his wife. It really saddens me too from the other stupid comments people are making ….like the 1 comment ending in the hateful Bronco comment which has nothing to do with this issue..??? These comment sites always bring out the lunatics.

  • Lee says:

    His reaching for a cell phone was typical BS. He creamed her with a right fist to the nose. She obviously went wild in the big 3.5 million dollar Martino mansion and called 911. Hey Tom, Mandis is going to get buried……dropping Boyles for a lapel pulling escapade is less than smashing your wife in the nose…..she reported it.

  • Natalie longsine says:

    One other thing….why would you think it’s ok Tedd to say the nasty things you said in regards to Holly Martino??? This is what I’m talking about these comment sites bring out the ugly, nasty people that say such hateful things and knowing this poor lady has to be hurting & devastated. If you don’t have anything nice to say keep your childish comments to yourself.

  • Lee says:

    There she was trying to get away from the Long Island creep, probably for her life and gets pulled in and smashed. $600 bail. 911 Is A Joke (screamed by Flava Flav). He’ll get Holly some Kobe Bryant type of presents and another rock equal to one he probably hyped on his show for a discount much like his energy drink info-mercial he presented on Fox31 which was presented as a consumer story with money plowed into it by the loser. Hey Dan Mandis…..you fired Boyles for lapel pulling, you gonna be a wuss and not fire this clown on Sonny Liston right hooks to the face?…..he should be gone just on his pathetic advertisements for caught people like Plumbline. Lawyer up with Steinberg, probably your neighbor in a 5 million dollar house.

  • Mouny Luvr says:

    “Wow Spoken like a true abuser did she say she’s deeply in love?”

    Yes, only deeply in love with his money. It’s why the problems of recent. Since he lost his “high roller” status theres not as much money coming in to keep things from drooping, etc. It’s a real problem.

  • Broncosgirly311 says:

    What an ahole! I always had a feeling he was a dirtbag! Along with everyone else I had wondered why he wasn’t charged with DUI if he admitted to being drunk. Hope his wife is able to get away from this creep for good and doesn’t decide to drop the charges against him.

    Also, c0m3mi3rda, considering you can’t even spell BRONCOS correctly shows me that you aren’t educated (or attentive enough) to know better when it comes to football teams. Or you’re just butt-hurt that the BRONCOS most likely whooped “your” team.

  • Bird is the Word says:

    I once thought I saw Tom Martino masturbating on the RTD lightrail. He was mumbling something like “why won’t this thing work?”, and “gotta trouble shoot this.”.


    Has anyone even considered that Holly might have deserved this? In my opinion, everyone, including TOM MARTINO should learn the TOM LEYKIS 101, and subscribe to the Professor’s FULL broadcasts at http://www.blowmeuptom.com

    Tom Martino should seriously call Tom Leykis at 901-3000-TOM

    For advice because IMO, Martino is about to be DIVORCINO’d

    Holly should never, EVER put up with this DV abuse! Conversely, Tom Martino needs to pony up and admit it.

  • Pablo R says:

    If you know Tom, he is reading all of this- This is the only wife beating we know about- where there is smoke, there is always fire- Tom, no one at work likes you- as soon as you leave the station, the joke board lights up- the only loyal guy you have is Dave- and he thinks your a bum- we all have had our resumes ready for years knowing it was only a matter of time before you did something stupid, again- Your public statements are horse doo doo- your publicist is a bigger jerk then you-Thank you for giving all of us a great unemployed new year-

  • Pablo R says:

    “At the heart of ReferralList.com is Tom Martino – who for more than 30-years has been, beyond question, the most vocal, visible and effective consumer advocate in Colorado and one of the best in the country.

    He has recovered for consumers more money, more products, more services and has gotten more results than any law firm, media outlet, personality or any other so-called advocates that have attempted to duplicate his efforts.

    Since the establishment of the original and first referral list of it’s kind, there have been other attempts to copy his model.BUT NO ONE ELSE HAS PUNCHED THEIR WIFE IN THE FACE AND WENT TO JAIL- MY RESUME IS WORTHLESS WITH YOUR NAME ON IT -”

  • Bob Lyons says:

    Tom Martino–The TroubleMaker—— Now that’s a lump of coal—Merry Christmas Holly

  • Stymie says:

    Closed fist smashed nose but “I was going for a cellphone”. She was 2 minutes from Denver General but just happened to be driven to his Columbine Valley 3.5 million dollar estate to avoid the DUI. Any guess how the arrest came about? 911 from the house? His carefully worded statement is a joke to save his 1 million a year job. Mandis canned Boyles on some yanking but this jerk from Long Island did worse. Leykis was wild in Miami in ’84, he got canned. Hey Tom, send your gift bag to Billy from Plumbline “Thanks for being a great referral and a member”. File under One Hour Rip And Air.

  • Bob Lyons says:

    Tom claims to offer his expertise ‘behind the scenes of his radio show–NOT !! —having been ignored by him for years I’m thankful Tom never accomodated me as I want no association with his hypocrisy and bad behavior. I could’nt believe that my package to him was discovered in a West Mississippi Av thrift shop. He had not even the dignity to respond to me to decline his services for my hard sought – after consumer assisstance of which he openly offers to his listeners. Tom, maybe now your tongue will be silenced—you deserve it!!

  • I have never believed a thing he has said on TV or even on Radio, truthfully, I go based on human experience. I’m sorry, but please have taken off the air finally, because there are a lot of other groups out there who do the same thing and offer the same services without being biased.

    I feel bad for his wife, she is a nice lady. I hope she does leave this relationship, she doesn’t need it.

  • Carmine Persico says:

    Hey Mr. Lyons, I wouldn’t go near you with spelling like that either. I read today he got nailed in Douglas County at a restaurant fer buggin’ somebody but they couldn’t proceed to bust him. 10 million large can prevent that. I bet he read Holly the Martino riot act of no more lifestyle of the Martino and famous if you don’t go to court and use my script. Harvey will teach you the script. All these supporters like his vasolene added businesses will be there lending support on how he’s such a great guy. The DA: so Mrs. Martino why did you wait til you arrived at your house to dial 911 and go to the ER when it was down the street off Auraria? Bruce Cutler would sweat on that one….imagine Harvey.

  • Bob Lyons says:

    Hey Carmine–I would re-read your post before I commented on somebody else’s spelling. Gheeezze!!!

  • Soupy Sales says:

    He wishes it was a pie instead of a fist. Imagine that ride in cuffs to Cherokee and sitting next to drug dealers, drunks, gang members, etc. which might as well be where some of his sponsers should be ripping people off.

  • John Galt says:

    It is never wise to seek or wish for another’s misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. ~Charley Reese

    You a-holes are so pathetic, I hope with all my might that Charley is right.

  • Moms Mabley says:

    Hey Tom, did Rollie get horsed investing in a Martino Fort Lupton project? Did Mike pick up from the jail?

  • Jim says:

    I would like to see his’s wifes statement………..he does a lot of talking for “THEM”…..what does she have to say?

  • Moms Mabley says:

    Holly made her statement in the 911 call. Martino changed it after further screaming at the estate.

  • Al Martino says:

    Hey Holly, get Dan Kaplis and the E.R. photos and file for divorce after suing the Long Island loser. The house and everything else is already in your name when Martino ramped up for the bankruptcy, no problema. Ask Father John Feist for help on the action line. You’ll be against Walter Gerash or Bronco In-House Steinberg and some Tampa area phone calls with guys with long italian names with heavy N.Y. accents but you’ll do well girl, much love from everybody who hates scumbags who punch their wives the nose.

  • Murray From Hempstead says:

    On today’s show his producer said Bill from Plumbline was a donating a free furnace to a needy person. According to Fox31′s report on furnace scams ole Plumbline tried to jam a not needed 5,000 dollar furnace on a sucker with no monoxide leak proven by 5 furnace repair firms. Welcome to a going away present from Tom Martino and his sponser he takes thousands & thousands from. Bet he’s drinking his Efusion and calling Gerash to line up the court date.

  • Poop stain says:

    Love Tom.

  • Chee says:

    His producer just quit, last day next week. He saw it coming with the court stuff.

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