Following arrest, radio host Tom Martino cites drunken argument with wife

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(Photo: Denver Police Department)

(Photo: Denver Police Department)

DENVER — Following his arrest on an assault charge Friday night, talk radio host Tom Martino released a statement indicating that he was involved in a drunken argument with his wife, Holly.

“Holly and I remain deeply in love and committed to each other and to our family,” Martino said in a statement. “The incident that happened Friday night was a foolish mistake. We were both drinking too much. We got into an argument that escalated over a struggle for a cell phone. We were both inadvertently injured and we were not trying to hurt each other.”

The arrest happened about 11:15 p.m. near Interstate 25 and Auraria Parkway in some type of public venue, the Denver Police Department said. A female, presumably Martino’s wife, was transported to the hospital with undisclosed injuries, DPD reported.

Martino was in jail Saturday evening, charged with assault and disturbing the peace. He has since bailed out.

Also known as the “Troubleshooter,” Martino hosts a business-focused radio program on KHOW 630 AM. He previously contributed to FOX31 Denver before leaving the station in 2011.

“My over-reaction was uncalled for,” Martino continued in the statement. “I am ashamed of my behavior. I should’ve walked away. I also believe alcohol was a major catalyst. We are dealing with our issues through professional Christian spiritual counseling, with mutual love and support.”


  • Don Keyhotay says:

    Bankruptcy and now Violent Assault on Women??

    TroubleShooter? or TroubleMaker!

    What business would pay thousands of $$ to be associated with the morally bankrupt Tom Martino Wife-Beaters Network?


  • Lee says:

    Harvey Steinberg worded. This is classic sit at the table with a lawyer to save his hynie. Alcholol did it, we both accidently hurt each other grabbing a cell phone, christian counseling. How bout the police report? You go to Denver General from being battered, ask anything coming in from the low lifes in west Denver on a friday night that clog that ER room. The original arrest said 4.55 A.M. now it says 11.45 P.M.. The stench in this one looms.

  • Don Keyhotay says:

    And where is the automatic Restraining Order that normally issues with Domestic Violence arrests — preventing him from contact with his battered wife, or from even living in his own home ??

    Looks like some pigs are more equal than others.

  • Lee says:

    Carmelo Anthony got a ride from the DPD after his arrest. I guess they both fell on the floor grabbing the cell phone. If this was the case, there wouldn’t be an arrest. Maybe the officer from the Rockys commercials filled out the paperwork. If this were some poor slob on Morrison Road and a Juarez style dive bar throwing a Sonny Liston right hook and the wife ends up in Denver General I think there would be restraining order.

  • Val says:

    Carefully crafted but phony statement from a serial sleazebag and skank wife.

  • Forrest says:

    it is between tom and holly. hang in there

  • john cook says:

    money talks yet again

  • John Galt says:

    What kind of person rejoices when another person goes through life struggles? That’s rhetorical….

    Especially when it’s someone that has given so much to this community. You people are some real a-holes.

  • Lee says:

    Galt never used Martino’s commercial from Billy at Plumbline for a furnace check and told it is dangerous with levels of carbon monoxide very high and a new furnace for 4-6 thousand is needed. It was on camera. 5 firms said there were no levels of any carbon monoxide including the Fox31 original furnace guy. Billy finally admitted it and Martino did nothing but keep his commercial endorsement alive like the scumbag money maker he is. Martino defends his high price stinker people. Thankfully at Fox31 does these reports.

  • Don Keyhotay says:

    I specifically AVOID businesses that are part of the morally bankrupt Tom Martini Wife-Beaters Network … along with those that put a Jesus fish in their advertisement.

    Even if the competition costs more $$.

  • Homer Sudds says:

    He served his purpose to the public and his 15 minutes are over. His show isn’t even interesting anymore. Big Man hitting your wife. Time for him to be forgotten.

  • This man has destroyed my life. By spouting off lies about my character and my moral values in a case I had with him and a contractor on westword! THAT I WON! He is corrupted by money and kind of looks like the devil with his beard. In his case looks say everything and you can judge this book Thomas G. Martino by his cover! Some day he will answer to god for all who this evil man has hurt! Revenge is mine said the lord!

  • will says:

    He beat his wife–he now qualifies to play for the Broncos.

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  • Lee says:

    Paulie Walnuts could play his father, Little Pussy Tom, Billy Batts times 7 his relatives in Florida.

  • jeff2000 says:

    as a trouble shooter, i called and advised him that Rockys Autos fired me cause I couldn’t work 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. Shortly there after, he was doing commercials for them. Sounds like blackmail to me. He is not as honest as you may think.

  • Lee says:

    Martino should open a car dealership on Federal, have Frankie Vincent manage it in Billy Batts attire. He chucked up Lazarra law firm ads for criminal defense on his show today, they might be freebees for something.

  • Sharkdiver says:

    Its not my fault…It was the alcohol…And we are getting CHRISTIAN counseling…Just letting you all know I am a good CHRISTIAN…And I like puppies and rainbows and once helped an old lady across a street.

  • Dick Peabody says:

    Lots of hating here on Martino when NOBODY but him and his wife know what happened between them. Give it a rest, it’s Christmas time.

  • Mr. T says:

    It is between them but beating your wife during the Christmas season or anytime for that matter is not very Christian like. He should own up and take full responsibility for his bad behavior. Alcohol is no excuse and fighting over a cell phone at his age is pathetic and juvenile. For Christmas he should be given a tee shirt with the sleeves cut off because every wife beater should have a “wife beaters” shirt to label them for what they did to a woman. Sorry but a man hitting a woman for any reason is unacceptable and must be dealt with before it goes further the next time. It all starts with battering and often escalates from there.

  • Dick Peabody says:

    None of you would-be Sherlocks have any idea if Martino “beat” his wife or not. The police are required to arrest a party in a “domestic violence” case–just to split them up–no matter who did what. A few years ago, Avs goalie Patrick Roy was arrested for damaging a door or something, in the house he paid for, just to give him and his wife a time-out. Those charges were later dismissed. Settle down ya all and let the facts come out, if you’re interested in facts and not speculation. You all sound like “low-information” Obama voters.

  • Lee says:

    Hey Little John, grab your helmet and join Caje and Saunders up at Baker Three….”Nobody”. Try again you nimrod, he was arrested because the place called the police there was a beat down going down in public…disturbing the peace means chairs and tables were flying. $600 bail is laughable. You got drunk beat down artists from the hood getting multi thousand dollar holds with restraining orders. If yer a millionaire many times over like Martino you get Bronco type lawyers and carefully package up your defense. Christian counseling…..good christians don’t continue to take money from a furnace firm charging 4-6 thousand for a new furnace that had nothing wrong with it. Greedy scumbag. He’s in his 3.5 million dollar home going like Tony Montana to his lawyer: “Watzit gunna cost me for probation?” “Well Tony, she was in the emgergency room…..a the police report says”…..

  • Loben says:

    DICK Peabody above throws out the Obama card. Really? Dude stop watching Hannity and stop listening to Limbaugh. Nothing but a right wing hate monger. This is not a political issue.
    Police report just came out and Martino was driving when he allegedly socked his wife in the face. Abuse charges? Drunk driving charges? Lock em up and throw away the key. His troubleshooter charade must end. Nothing but a scam!!

  • Amy says:

    If he was so drunk, why did he not get a DUI? The incident happened in their car at a red light. He wasn’t drunk, he’s just a loser.

  • Ethon says:

    He can do a Cenegenics commercial now telling how all those hormones make him feel like a real man now punching out a woman.

  • concerned says:

    ‘Christian spiritual counseling’ is often a euphemism for ‘our church doesn’t trust real professional counselors, so they disapprove and make anyone seeking them feel guilty.’ The problem is that just reading the Bible, praying and going to meetings doesn’t necessarily fix all issues, not to mention that in these type of organizations, the husband will receive quite a bit of support and even enabling, while the wife may be pressured to get in line. I make not judgment about the couple, because dealing with cancer is very stressful, but getting real counseling is NOT a sin and may be the best investment they ever make.

  • Dick Peabody says:

    LoBen, I know it’s not a political issue. I said what I said because I am guessing that many of the same stupids that voted for Obama on superficialities and personality are the same ones making hateful remarks about Martino without knowing all the facts. And, BTW, police reports aren’t always factual.

  • Pablo R says:

    Hey Rollie, you might want to find a new spokesperson and best friend or your chevy dealership is going to really hurt if you keep this dog around- No one likes this guy- even you-

  • Pablo R says:

    You supporters all realize that anyone working for his network is out of a job and might as well leave town with his name on a resume? sUPPORT THAT- No one ever liked this guy- he is creepy, an untreated bipolar and abusive to everyone he thinks is a friend- – Dave, you realize this- please scuttle the network- its over- Merry Christmas………If we get back on the air, it will be in Houston again where no one ever heard of him- that went well eh guys???? YOU SENT A WOMAN TO THE HOSPITAL- YOU WERE DRUNK AND DRIVING- YOU WERE BEING CRUEL AND THINKING YOU COULD JUST DRIVE HOME- MAN, THANK GOODNESS HOLLY GOT IT TOGETHER AND TURNED YOU IN

  • t.l Robb says:

    RE: CARMEL: I WAS under the impression, getting a ride from dpd was SOP for anyone arrested?

  • Ed says:

    I posted a complaint about Century Rv on his Trouble Shooter and I was never called about the complaint and it was never posted as a review, what’s with that. I guess the $$$’s paid by the companies on the list do really protect them against bad reviews.

  • Reggie Van Holmes says:

    Martino blew me once when he was drunk and I needed the money. Dick Peabody held me down, and took photos

  • Debbie says:

    This wife beating pig is back on the air? ClearChannel has no morals-

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