Tom Martino arrested on assault, disturbance charges

Posted on: 3:18 pm, December 21, 2013, by , updated on: 07:35pm, December 21, 2013

(Photo: Denver Police Department)

(Photo: Denver Police Department)

DENVER — Talk radio host Tom Martino was arrested Friday night on charges of assault and disturbing the peace, the Denver Police Department confirmed Saturday.

The arrest happened about 11:15 p.m. near Interstate 25 and Auraria Parkway in some type of public venue, DPD said.

A female victim was transported to the hospital with undisclosed injuries, DPD reported. Her name was not released.

Martino remained in jail Saturday evening.

Martino, also known as the “Troubleshooter,” hosts a business-focused radio program on KHOW 630 AM. He previously contributed to FOX31 Denver before leaving the station in 2011.

In a recent Facebook post, Martino said he had been “going through a lot of family stuff,” noting that his brother-in-law died recently.


  • Lee says:

    He’ll buy her off, I’m sure that lawyer the Broncos use has done this type of work before and comes with a big price Martino can afford. I wonder if Clear Channel lets it slide but Boyles gets 86′d for collar pulling. He’s got that Al Pacino thing going.

  • Val says:

    Was the assault committed with a slab of marble?

  • Why not domestic violence? Doesn’t have to be spouse. Got off easy.

  • Scott Evans says:

    I’d love it if I never heard his annoying voice on the radio ever again. I make it a point not to do business with anyone who pays him to endorse them.

  • Pillsbury says:

    Martino is cool. Leave him alone. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  • Meh says:

    everyone has a bad night once in a while. there is probably more to the story that is being told. like always, media will put whatever to cause a stir or blow things out of proportion. or even tells either the minimum or not the full story.

  • Lee says:

    Auraria Parkway & I-25, sounds like a nice area to be arrested in, sleazy motels. Go to Fox 31′s latest investigative piece on low life scum furnace dealers, Martino sponsers. He doesn’t care, he still says they are great.

  • Renee says:

    “No, He’s an arrogant, self-absorbed doofus.”
    And a shyster. Criticizing others while accumulating millions in bad debt himself (most of which I’m sure went to his silicon sally wife) and making terrible “business” decisions.

    “Judge not lest ye be judged.”? This piece of Çrap has made a living off judging others, it’s time he gets his. He is nothing but trash.

    He deserves no less than time behind bars.

  • Barbie says:

    For $5,000 I’ll say how trustworthy and great you are…

  • Mom says:

    Heres hoping he get a really good beating in jail…..or worse.

  • Gagme says:

    Interesting that most every other news outlet is reporting he was arrested for domestic violence, yet Faux31 is reporting it as assault.

  • Tina says:

    Is Semyon Varlamov’s lawyer available?

  • Matt says:

    The “Troubleshooter”? I thought he was known as the “Extortionist”.

  • Lee says:

    What’s he doing at 5 A.M. near Auraria & I-25 whoopin’ hits & misses Martino? He’s usually in his multi-million dollar crib in Cherry Hills Village asleep.

  • SloCatch says:

    Can’t run away as fast as Donna Pardon did, got cha!

  • Billy Jameson says:

    How fitting. Martino and his scam troubleshooter network is a disgrace. He should have been banned from the airwaves even before this alleged abuse. He makes his endorsements sound real when all they are is paid ads. People pay to be on his list. We go out of our way to not do business with any his troubleshooter partners. Hope he gets what he deserves.

  • breeze says:

    I appreciate the work that TM does. There are two sides to every story so I will wait to cast judgement.

    He has a right to his day in court just like everyone else.

  • Roscoe says:

    What reputable law firms has he ever endorsed ? .. maybe they’ll give him a discount

  • Tom says:

    Deport him to Europe

  • Rich says:

    There sure are a number of freaks who’ve respnnded. I wonder what the beef is with all the floks who are hoping for his demise? Perhaps some of them are the losers who have been exposed by Martino

  • montanarose says:

    First Boyles, now Martino . . . this is what can happen when old guys take too much testosterone — middle-aged ‘roid rage! They are both Cenegenics clients, as Peter is fond of pointing out; sounds like “Dr. Julie” should back off on their dosages.

  • John Galt says:

    Tom’s a great guy and an asset to our community that, he helps more people in a day than most of you jamokes have in your entire lives. What exactly have you a-holes done to sit in judgement of Tom? …Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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  • Denver Witness says:

    HOLLA! So we are on the path of never having to hear from this idiot again on any sort of media. He’s a fool that has long surpassed his acknowledgement to the masses. He sells flooring… that’s all we most know him as… so… sorry Mr. I Think I’m An Actual Celeb… your 15min is long and gone. Bu-Bye…

  • one of the good guys says:

    What have u A-holes ever done for anyone. All u people bashing him before u know anything are probably the Lieing scumbags he exposes!

  • Ima Starvin says:

    I’m sure I saw him once driving north on Parker Rd. at at least twice the speed limit, just out of control, IMO. Seems like a loose cannon to me.

  • I thought Al Martino was a singer!

  • Bob says:

    Prior to his bankruptcy Holly & Tom Martino had a house in the “Swastika Acres” neighborhood of Cherry Hills.

    Owner Address:
    1013 E. BELLEVIEW AVE.



    That’s all I have to say.

  • Harcourt Menimoubitonmen says:

    “I thought Al Martino was a singer!”

    No, you’re thinking Al Jolson, the blackface singer.

  • TittyTwister says:

    I appreciate the work that TM does too. Without his paid “referrals” list I wouldn’t know which businesses to avoid. If he recommends it, I know to stay away.

    My question is: If Granite Depot is having a “sale” every other week, does that mean if you buy on off weeks you’re getting totally screwed?

  • Lee says:

    Hey T Sister, read the investigative report on furnace repair 31 did, his sponsers were caught rippin people off and he did nuthin. Hey Bob, that 3 million dollar estate on Belleview was his house after his discharge…he now has another.He stuck everything in his wife’s name. He’s a millionaire many times over even after. I thought he bonded out?I’d pay to see him sitting on a bench with gangsters and drunks. Public venue by 25? The Nugget game? Why would you whoop yer wife at a Nugget game? I think he has relatives in Tampa that are classic Long Island goombahs, his father was a real piece of work.

  • Alessan says:

    Wow! Some of you have a lot of time on your hands! Maybe he should request a change of venue for his case. It is not looking like an impartial jury is to be found based upon most of your comments.

  • Media watch says:

    Shame, Shame, Shame. Tom Martino is a joke. The people that listen to his self serving endorsements are as naive as him.

  • JMHJ says:

    Hey Tom – What prison do you recommend?

  • Ron Hadley says:

    Tom’s bankruptcy wasn’t like other peoples bankruptcy and now he’ll say his domestic violence wasn’t like other peoples domestic violence.

  • ron says:

    Amazing the people who say “give him a chance” but they don’t know the situation either. BUT “No Matter the situation” you don’t hit a woman! He of all people should know this, some stations are reporting domestic violence if so it was Holly but who knows bottom line you don’t hit a woman. Clear Channel has a legit out of this loser lets see if they take it. Nuggets got rid of Bird man for false charges lets hope Cloudy Channel does the “right thing”

  • Karen Levin says:

    Nice mug shot Martino. When did you sign up a hair color company to endorse? Must have gotten paid in trade.

  • Rudolph says:

    This guy is a lowlife crook scrub.

  • Manny J says:

    The media outlets that have allowed this joker to preach his tainted recommendations should wake up and ban Martino from his pulpit.

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  • Cat says:

    You people who are defending him are JOKES!!!! He PUT A WOMAN IN THE ER!!!! Unless of course you are okay with so-called “men” beating women so bad they have to go to the hospital to get their injuries treated. Sheesh.

  • Val says:

    Martino is just like a TV Evangelist or Fuhrer Obama–a lying slimewad.

  • jingle says:

    I have known Tom and previous wife since 1991. Since he married Holly she has pulled him away from most in his previous life, including us. So I can’t say that we are friends any longer. Having said that, I have never known him to be the least bit physically aggressive. This comes as a shock to our entire family. There is more to the story. Put away your jealousy’s, and judgments, until you have heard the entire story. Both sides!

    It could be you are I in the hot seat. Rightly or unjustly judged- but I would want my day in court before I was cast to the Guillotine.

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  • Eric says:

    Tom Martino has literally helped thousands of people over the past thirty years in the Denver area… All you Martino haters are the low-life, scumbags that he has made an honest living exposing.

  • HenryL says:

    Quote from Martino after his bankruptcy – “Look, I realize that my fame and fortune makes me a target, especially because I am very good looking too – not to mention my stone-cold fox wife. But hey don’t hate me for it.

    What a self serving jerk! He has deliberately pulled the wool over the Denver market for years. His troubleshooter network is a farce. Just buy your way onto his list and he will say your company is reputable. His alleged abuse just stands as more proof of his lack of character.

  • Mom Tartino says:

    “…especially because I am very good looking too – not to mention my stone-cold fox wife”

    apparently “consumer advocacy” can buy a lot of plastic surgery.

  • Blob says:

    “Bob, that 3 million dollar estate on Belleview was his house after his discharge…he now has another.”

    Nope, it was sold it in September to Michael Foss, the CEO of Gart Sports.

    Owner Name:

    Co-Owner Name:

    Owner Address:

    1013 E. BELLEVIEW AVE.



    Neighborhood Code:

  • Connie says:

    “All you Martino haters are the low-life, scumbags that he has made an honest living exposing.”

    How long has defaulting on $78 MILLION been considered earning an honest living?

    Let me guess, you believed in and invested with Bernie Madoff too. You thought he was also a financial genius just earning an honest living.

    Like they say, there is no arguing with stupid.

  • Blob says:

    Nope, it was sold it in September to Michael Foss, the CEO of Gart Sports.

    Oops, I meant Sports Authority. So sorry.

  • TitWrench says:

    “Look, I realize that my fame and fortune makes me a target, especially because I am very good looking too – not to mention my stone-cold pinata wife.”

  • Lee says:

    You call 31 exposing blantant lying of emissions on a furnace that FIVE other companies said was a total lie a company that should be held up by Martino? He has high priced pathetic services all over his network. Go to Yelp and look them up. “Domestic violence?” Does that include family members? He had 2 daughters join his Elizabeth estate years ago…. he never said how if got them, I think Florida was a rumour. 5 A.M…..25 and Auraria….bars close at 2, Nuggets 11, I can’t wait to see this one. Wait’ll Tom lawyers up and the person of interest said it was nothing after a Martino lecture on ’14 lifestyle reversal. Savage beat downs go to the E.R., I hope it wasn’t a real hood type whoopin. If this was a private party it would cost Martino a million in the buy-off which is nothing to Martino, he’s loaded today.

  • Tim Cavill says:

    It makes me laugh to see the countless comments about Tom Martino that are negative. The truth is… 99% of you are simply just jealous and you love to see people in high places fail. You are the 27%ers! The people that are the most negative in our society. And when you see someone in high ranks hit bottom… you relish in it!! You love it because it validates what a POS you know YOU are. It makes you feel more important. I would be willing to bet that the majority of you are liberals too. The gutter of our society.

    Hey Tom. You pissed me off too a couple of times… but I wish you the best and I know you will get through this. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. God Bless!!

  • Paul Hectus says:

    He’ll throw you under the bus to slant a story for one of his crybaby female friends….but oh wait, I know some cops, social workers, and school teachers who’ve done the same thing…plenty of corruption and nepotism in this town to go around for everybody….

  • D.J. says:

    Jesus wrote this to the human family more than 2000 years ago.
    I feel it is still pertinent today.
    I often overlook this priceless illustration however, reading this blog
    today reminded how prudent this scripture is thus, being we are all human I thought I would share.

    ” Hypocrite! First extract the rafter from you own eye , and then you will see clearly how to extract the straw from that is in your brother’s eye”
    -Luke 6:42

    Blessings Happen Good Health to All!

  • ToughGuyTom says:

    Is it true they had to take Princess Holly to the ER because during her drunken beatdown with Tom, she broke a nail?

  • Pablo R says:

    If you know Tom, he is reading all of this- This is the only wife beating we know about- where there is smoke, there is always fire- Tom, no one at work likes you- as soon as you leave the station, the joke board lights up- the only loyal guy you have is Dave- and he thinks your a bum- we all have had our resumes ready for years knowing it was only a matter of time before you did something stupid, again- Your public statements are horse doo doo- your publicist is a bigger jerk then you-Thank you for giving all of us a great unemployed new year-

  • artistjudy says:

    To: Holly Martino, If this in fact is the very first time Tom has laid a finger on you then you are lucky, AND you could do the right thing for you and the kids and GET OUT! You would be a tremendous advocate for those women out there that are afraid to leave the so called men that abuse them. YOU could give them the courage to leave! HOWEVER, if this is NOT the first time he’s laid hands on you Holly, then you are in the same frame of mind as a lot of other women who for one reason or another do not want to leave. If it’s the money and fame that has you attached at the hip… shame on YOU! But if you are afraid of him, then get some protection and DO IT! I could hear him now telling YOU…. Holly, if YOU hadn’t have called the police… then WE wouldn’t be in this mess… It’s YOUR fault Holly!!!! That’s a typical abusers line…. OH and I had a little too much to drink so I hit my wife… THAT”S ANOTHER excuse of an abuser, and he’s ASHAMED of his behavior??? OH I BET HE IS!!! Actually, I bet he’s more ASHAMED because he got CAUGHT! I wouldn’t put him on MY list of Good Husbands! Not even for $5000. !

  • Drinking is trouble says:

    I dont think he hit Holly on purpose. It sounds like they were both drunk fighting over a cell phone maybe she was hiding a text or Facebook post and things got out of control. Drinking too much is nothing but trouble for anyone. I like his show and its entertaining. I’ve learned a lot from it and am a better informed person thanks to him.

  • Cat says:

    In the police report it says he hit her in the face with a closed fist causing her nose to bleed. Doesn’t sound accidental to me.

  • angry angus says:

    Tom Martino is a p.o.s. of the highest order. I got ripped off (also the opinion of 2 different radio home improvement guys) by one of the companies on Tommys network. Tried to get ahold of his people FOUR times to complain. Totally ignored by Tommy and his minions. Sister in-law almost did business with same plumbing/heating company. Got her to go with a better company NOT on Tommys rip-off list.

  • Bill says:

    Glad to hear that some Denver companies have pulled their adds from Martinos list. No place in our society for men (cowards) who hit women. Drunk or not.

  • Bob W says:

    So what about D.U.I ? He admitted to drinking to much . Unfortunately he has aligned himself with drunks Ann pot heads on his staff. His ego is so large he dosent think he’s done anything wrong. Holly is an idiot for staying, but then that’s what bimbos do.

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