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Many plumbers are seeing an increase in business because of cold weather

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DENVER -- "It's unbelievable in terms of the number of breaks that occurred. We
have been basically non-stop. I started the other morning at 4am and went until about 11 o'clock that night," said Steve Kelsen, owner of The Plumbing Source.

Their latest call on Thursday, a broken gate valve.

"The main reason that a gate valve fails is age. And the weather didn't help this out either," Kelsen said.

The aging valve caused the sprinkler pipe to split. And now Kelsen and his partner have to work to solder the pipe and install a new valve.

According to Kelsen, pipes generally don't like the cold. But there are many things you can do before you ever have to call in the professionals. The easiest step you can take.

"One thing you definitely want to do is go ahead and open up cabinets so that you can allow heat to get the pipes," Kelsen said.

But there are other pipes that may need a little bit more insulating. This too can be a quick fix.

"You can wrap them in some aramaflex or pipe insulation," said Kelsen.

But, the best advice about your pipes ironically has nothing to do with your pipes at all. You need to know where your water shut off valve is located.

"This is very important because a broken pipe is going to send out a ton of water even through a small half inch pipe, which will create tremendous amount of damage and expense," Kelsen said.

Kelsen said a busted pipe leaking into your home can cost you thousands of dollars, whereas many of these do-it-yourself projects are just a few dollars.


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    Plumbing should be free, and a basic function of government. Government should have a single-payer plumbing service paid for by taxing rich white people and religious corporations.

  • Report the Facts.

    If people were educated on how to shut the water off at the curb and learn a simple welding procedure, then they wouldn’t have to deal with the dirty old plumber ripping them off. A flame and some solder doesn’t equal 100 dollars an hour, but consumer stupity does. And for the record, it can be a do it yourself project for just a few dollars. Please report the facts and not your opinion.

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