Denver Police: At least 3 stabbed at Mile High after Broncos game

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DENVER — At least three people were stabbed at Sports Authority Field at Mile High after the Denver Broncos game Thursday night.

In a tweet, Denver police said one person was in critical condition, but as of Friday morning, it was being reported that all three stabbing victims who had received treatment were suffering from non life-threatening injuries.

Police also indicated they were searching for a possible fourth victim as of Friday morning, who took off without receiving treatment. That person’s condition was unknown.

Police said they had three men in custody as of Friday morning in connection with the stabbing, and that they were not seeking any additional suspects.

It’s no yet clear what started the confrontation that led to the stabbing, which took place shortly after the Broncos suffered a disappointing 27-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers. Police said they first got a report of a fight around 9:55 p.m. near Dick Connor and Federal Boulevard.

“We’re not sure whether this had anything to do with the outcome of the game or whether this was something independent of the game,” Denver Police Sgt. Steve Warneke said Thursday night. “Those things will hopefully come to light once we complete our investigation.”

Police said their investigation has been further complicated by the fact that there were a number of fans in the area when the stabbing seems to have occurred. There is also the fact that many of those fans were drunk, police said, and unable to provide a reliable account of what happened.

This is the second act of violence following a Broncos game.  A man died after a fight involving a car break-in outside Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City following the game there on Dec. 1.



  • Lucinda

    Ok first of all I would like to say, may god watch over the ppl that got hurt, weather it was fan on fan hate or a robbery. Second of all really why does everything have to turn into something racial. For your information Mexicans are not the only people that are illegal. It’s ridiculous how ppl can take it apon themselves to downgrade someone. You know that exprecion look in the mirror before you can judge someone else. Us Mexicans work hard for what we have and want. Some ppl just have mommy and daddy to give them things. Yea some of us never went to college or finished high school. Buy I bet your very warm in your house, that I’m sure Mexicans worked on. Or how bout the great Mexican food, can’t keep away from that. Ok you want to dog on Mexicans then stop hiring them to fix your stuff and eat the food.

  • Lesa Ketron

    The people that got stabbed probably knew each other or had an altercation which ended up in a stabbing. Unlike semi-automatic weapons you have to be standing pretty close to your intended target
    to do real damage.

  • Does It Matter

    Wow… Are you kidding me??? 1st off… do you really think we should blame the Bronco’s for this??? If you read the story… it states… “We’re not sure whether this had anything to do with the outcome of the game or whether this was something independent of the game,” ….. 2nd, know where in the entire story does it say that the 3 men in custody or the 3 to 4 that were stabbed are Hispanic, white, African American ect…. so who are any of you to point the blame at one race when you have no clue??? And now everyone should stop going to games? really? I went to the mall the other day and some punk wanna be gang bangers tried to start a fight with my kids for know reason at all … so should we all stop going to the mall? what if I had not been there? maybe they had a knife and would have stabbed one of my children… What about movies and schools? should we all stop going to them too??? You are all on here trying to start a fight and that makes you know better then the criminals… Grow up people… As far as banning weapons and drinking…. do you really think it will help? where there is a will there is a way. If they want the stuff they sill get it…

  • Trish

    How many “Mexicans” have shot up movie theatres and schools in Colorado? Thank you. We don’t go killing innocent people and blame the ‘gun’.

  • Does It Matter

    Ok so one of the stabbers is JUSTIN…. Police said “It doesn’t appear this was related to the outcome of the game,” they also said it does not appear to be gang related!!!

  • Does It Matter

    “It appears this stemmed from a traffic altercation in which the suspects were backing out of a parking space and nearly struck the victims vehicle.”

  • Todd

    The stadium is located in that pricey Highlands area correct? Seems to be a lot of crime in that area and with all those homes going for $350k and up. I like the fact that mexicans are in this country with out them white people wouldnt have cocaine, tacos, tequilla, beer, people to build this country at a unfair labor rate allowing companies to get their pockets fatter someone to take care and raise their kids due to the fact they are to lazy to do it them selves to the point they cant even clean their own pricey home. Remember when your white friend or brother, sister didnt get the job it’s because the company hired a mexican at a cheaper rate to get his pockets fatter. So love a mexican, and all those people living in the Highlands area “STOP THE VIOLENCE” you guys are making the Broncos look bad

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