Breaking News: 3 killed in Fort Collins shooting near CSU identified

TODAY: Ice jam breaks, Progress in Congress, most stolen cars, TIME Person of the Year

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Here are your 10 Things to Know this Wednesday Dec. 11, 2013.

1. Evacuation order lifted for Golden community after ice jam breaks

Residents of an RV park were told to evacuate late Tuesday night after an ice jam in Clear Creek broke sending a rush of water toward Golden. Officials warned the break could cause flooding, but that never came. However, as temps warm, snow melt may increase water levels to near flood stage.

2. Nelson Mandela lies in state in Pretoria; throngs expected to pay respects

The rich, the powerful. The famous and the family. All of them bidding goodbye to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Wednesday, the first of three days his body will lie in state at the seat of South Africa's government. Meanwhile President Barack Obama was criticized for two actions during a memorial service -- once for shaking the hand of Cuban President Raul Castro and taking a 'selfie' photo during the service.

3. Budget deal reached in Congress

Republicans and Democrats agreed on a budget deal. We know it is hard to believe. And here's some more good news: If this deal is approved by the House and Senate, it will prevent another government shutdown.

4. Family missing in Nevada wilderness in sub-zero conditions found safe

A Christmas miracle came early, it seems. A family of six survived two days lost in the wintry Nevada mountains and were saved. Their situation was dire. They were in an overturned Jeep in temperatures of about 20 degrees below zero. How did they survive? The industrious family says they started fires and warmed rocks to help fight against frostbite.

(Photo: TIME)

(Photo: TIME)

5. Pope Francis named TIME Person of the Year

TIME magazine said its Person of the Year is Pope Francis. The magazine wrote "What makes this Pope so important is the speed with which he has captured the imaginations of millions who had given up on hoping for the church at all."

6. Denver police name most stolen cars

Denver police released data naming the most stolen vehicles in our area. The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic were the No. 1 and 2 cars stolen.

7. NTSB begins hearings on fatal Asiana Flight 214 crash

The National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday will began a marathon 11-hour hearing into the July accident in San Francisco, which killed two Chinese teenagers. The NTSB is focusing on what it says may have been the pilot's overreliance on autopilot and other automation on the sophisticated Boeing 777 aircraft.

8. Health rankings report to be released Wednesday

The annual America's Health Rankings will be released on Wednesday. The state-by-state report evaluates how each state is performing on a variety of important healthy measures - identifying the nation's driving health trends while also providing insights into health challenges.

9. Broncos practice ahead of Thursday game; Welker being monitored

The Denver Broncos will practice Wednesday morning ahead of the Thursday night game against the San Diego Chargers. Meanwhile, sports writer Jeff Pearlman wrote an open letter asking Wes Welker to retire. Pearlman said that because Welker suffered a concussion during the game with the Titans, he needs to retire right now. "Wes, have you not been paying attention to the news on CTE and concussions and the hundreds upon hundreds of former NFL players who can’t remember their names; who wind up in assisted living communities, drinking strained peas through a straw? I’m being 100-percent serious here," he said.

10. Today is International Mountain Day

Wednesday is International Mountain Day, a holiday started by the UN to celebrate mountain ecosystems and support research and conservation programs.  Send us your mountain photos.