State unveils elaborate marijuana tracking system

In less than a month… Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Colorado.  And now the state has a new way to track legal pot from seed to sale, to help keep a close eye on retailers’ every move– and ultimately ensure your safety.

The new system called “MITS” — Marijuana Inventory Tracking Solutions” — will use radio frequency identification or “RFID” technology with tags bearing 24-digit codes attached to every plant and every package.

Regulators will be able to walk into stores, point an RFID gun at plants and product, and make sure everything is accounted for.

“In a closed system, what you’re really trying to do is make sure that’s not being diverted other than by lawful sale, and you’re also preventing people from bringing in from the black market or gray market product to be sold through the regulated system,” says Ron Kammerzell, marijuana enforcement division senior director.

This is just one part of the regulatory framework.

Pot shops will also have surveillance cameras along with scheduled and unscheduled compliance checks.

Once someone makes the purchase and leaves the store, the tracking stops.