Mother charged in death of Frederick 3-year-old who shot himself

Posted on: 10:53 am, December 10, 2013, by , updated on: 06:22pm, December 10, 2013

FREDERICK, Colo. — The mother of a 3-year-old boy who fatally shot himself in the head was charged with criminally negligent child abuse resulting in death this week.

The Weld County District Attorney’s office confirmed the Class 3 felony charge was filed against Dione Warren on Monday night. Warren could serve up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

The district attorney’s office said it was Warren who made the emergency call on the night of Oct. 28, summoning officers to her home in the 500 block of Pine Street on a report that her 3-year-old son, later identified at Sheine Steine, had fallen and was bleeding from a head wound.

Steine was rushed to the hospital after officers arrived on scene, but ultimately died of his injuries.

Investigators said they found a gun near the child in the home and “it appeared to have been fired,” but they did not say who shot the gun. Investigators later determined the toddler had accidentally shot himself.

Police said the weapon was a legally-owned .40 caliber Glock, model 23 handgun, and it belonged to the child’s stepfather, who was not at home at the time of the shooting.

The district attorney’s office said Steine found the gun inside a mattress frame in Warren’s bedroom. Warren had left Steine home alone while taking her older daughter to school, according to investigators.


  • Test says:

    I can see leaving a 3 year old home alone being criminally negligent. The gun owner has some criminal responsibility in this case as well. You can’t leave a loaded gun stuck inside a bed frame in a house with a toddler. Even if mom is home the kids can get into things.

    It only costs about $100 to get a lockable box to store a handgun. I like the Simplex locks – no batteries, no keys.

  • Kat says:

    Leave the 3 year old home alone….not locking up your weapons……no excuse for this accident. Poor Sheine. May he rest in peace.

  • HOw sad! why on earth would a mother leave a 3 year old at home alone in the first place? Soo sad for this child..

  • Kara Lashway says:

    A 3 yr old is not responsible to be left home alone even for 1 minute! Common sense!? I have an 11yr old who has a babysitting license who can barely take care of herself let alone would we let her watch others kids untill she & we feel she is ready!! Sheine could have found a hot shot lighter & torched the house & himself….the sky is the limit with a 3yr old! I am sick over his death!! RIP little Man!!

  • Jack Madril says:

    How many times have we heard “I only left them alone for a few minutes” ? People have no perception of time! If you want a real grip on time and what can be done in a very small period….go turn on your microwave for 30 seconds and then go about doing things in the kitchen until the bell goes off…..see how much you can do in just 30 seconds! It’s a lot longer time than you think!

  • Ca Houde says:

    She’ll pay the rest of her life…………agree with everyone above: He shouldn’t have been alone, and the gun should have been put away and locked up.

  • j. davis says:

    Why isn’t the father being charged? It was his gun and he failed to store it irresponsibly? The gun should have been locked in a case, not where a 3-year-old could get to it.

  • The poorest of poor choices that will haunt her forever. RIP Sheine

  • Donna Monk says:

    What about just sticking it up in a closet. At least he would still be alive. Very sad.

  • Russ D. says:

    Poor child. This mother needs as much sympathy as criticism at this point– she knows she was wrong, and will pay for this bad string of decisions for the rest of her life. I hope she gets help to deal with this and can eventually move on with her life–always haunted I’m sure, but able to function nonetheless…

  • Rick W says:

    I’ll bet these people have always thought of themselves as responsible parents and responsible gun owners. Until they weren’t. When will we learn?

  • Linda says:

    Why is step-dad not being charged? It’s HIS gun!

  • guninsuranceblog says:

    I notice this poor child found a Glock which like many other guns does not even have the rudimentary locking button against inadvertent firing usually called a safety. Guns without this device should never be brought into homes. If a law officer uses one as many do, then it should be locked up at the station when the officer is off duty. Many gun aficionados think a safety slows them down in self-defense shootings. To me that’s a desirable feature. But they don’t worry about shooting too quickly, that’s what big magazines are for.

  • eddie says:

    The kid’s haircut says it all about what kind of “parents” they are. They’ll rationalize and move on with a smile. If there’s insurance money, it will buy more tattoos.

  • Theresa says:

    When will these arrogant people ever learn!! Rest in Peace sweetheart!

  • Cheryl says:

    IMHO, I think ALL parents of children who have found loaded guns and shot somebody should all be charged, tried and sent to prison. There should be EXTRA penalties and charges for leaving a child ALONE at home at that young age WITH a loaded, unsecured gun in that house. This goes BEYOND simple negligence. I’d love to see new laws all over the country. These crimes are CAUSED BY THE GUN OWNERS AND PARENTS.

  • Kj says:

    This women needs to be locked away permanently.. so should (eddie—-^) both for raw ingnorance

  • Elizabeth La Grua says:

    Once again–sadly. Guns in the home lead to death in the home–over and over again.

  • Tom says:

    A GLOCK was fired by a 3-year old with all it’s safeties…

    Something isn’t adding up here if you understand it’s design.


    I’m not making excuse for the poor parenting and negligence but I think there is more to the story…..

    I’m not a Glock fan but they are “Different by Design” and guns only go off when there is a finger on the trigger… and a large enough hand on the grip & trigger to disengage all the safeties on a Glock –

    From their website:
    “The trigger safety is incorporated into the trigger in the form of a lever and when in the forward position, blocks the trigger from moving rearward. To fire the pistol, the trigger safety and the trigger itself, must be deliberately depressed at the same time. If the trigger safety is not depressed, the trigger will not move rearwards and allow the pistol to fire.”

    Doesn’t sound like something a 3yr old can accomplish with such small hands!

    I’m just saying there has to be more to this story than the kid just got hold of this >.40< Glock and had an accident.

  • bernadette says:

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  • Tom says:

    Ignorant ——-> guninsuranceblog

    December 10, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    I notice this poor child found a Glock which like many other guns does not even have the rudimentary locking button against inadvertent firing usually called a safety. Guns without this device should never be brought into homes. If a law officer uses one as many do, then it should be locked up at the station when the officer is off duty. Many gun aficionados think a safety slows them down in self-defense shootings. To me that’s a desirable feature. But they don’t worry about shooting too quickly, that’s what big magazines are for.

  • sharkdiver says:

    Hey Elizabeth, more people die in bathtubs every year than accidental shootings in the home. Shall we outlaw bathtubs too you mindless libtard?

    • Linda says:

      If all you can do is equate bathtubs and guns while calling names like a middle schooler, then you have no argument.

  • David says:

    Shark diver, can you provide two sources for bathtub deaths versus gun deaths per year, your comment is not supported by any data I have seen.

  • Janice Simmons says:

    Hey sharkdiver, using words like “libtard” is not going to get you any serious consideration on your comment. The mom in the article lost her baby and will have to go to jail for making a very stupid choice. Didn’t anyone ever tell her not to leave small children alone. My X-mother-in-law told me many, many years ago when I was a brand new mom and just didn’t think. Thank you Wilma, may you rest in peace.

  • Janice Simmons says:

    To Kj, so then does it mean that if you are ignorant about something, that you also should go to jail for life?

  • Janice Simmons says:

    Ok I’m missing something here, she called emergency at night, but she left him home alone to take her daughter to school?

  • Christina says:

    Janice, the original story linked in this story says she called 911 at 10am and he died at 11:15.

  • rebecca says:

    Anyone who leaves a kid that age alone at home needs to go away for life and with a loaded gun in the home without being put away properly how stupid can u be. Rest in peace little man

  • Bill T says:

    You people screaming from your pedestals make me sick… This is a tragic accident and nothing more. Did the parents make a mistake? Sure they did and they will be punished for the rest of their lives. And you’re right, there is more to the story then whats being reported. You have drawn your conclusions from a 30 second clip from a source that loves to sensationalize horrible stories. Whether or not the mom left the kid alone is moot, she could have left him in the room and gone to the basement or out to the garage or even down the hall. I am just being real, you cant hover over your kids 24-7. I left my little kids in the house when I was doing yard work because I didn’t want them to get smacked in the eye with a piece of weed wacker trimming line. Does that make me a bad parent? What if the kid fell down the stairs and broke his neck or was in the back yard playing and stabbed is brain with a stick through the eye? Quit throwing stones from the porch of your glass houses and have some compassion for these people. Their son is dead.

  • This wasn’t just an accident, Bill. This was a bad decision with terrible consequences. Moot doesn’t work here, either. She LEFT her three-year old alone while she dropped her daughter off at school. There was a loaded gun within the child’s reach. That’s not like going down into the basement for a minute. This is a tragedy and one that could have been avoided. It’s sad, it’s awful, I feel terrible for her. But good grief, you need a license to have a dog, but anyone can have children.

  • Another tragic accident caused by yet another irresponsible gun owner.

  • monique says:

    Bottom line is that a child is no longer living because of neglected parents! Yes a horriable accident that a mother will carry in her concious for the rest of her life. Its hard for any parent to lose a child. I pray for this childs soul and also for the mother to make better choices!

  • Bill T says:

    Guilty until proven innocent…

  • Dustin says:

    To all responsible gun owners this does not apply because you’ve already taken the proper precautions. To every other owner of firearms who are not so prepared. If you have small children or people in your houshold with obvious mental disorders. PLEASE, get a combination safe and change the combination at least every 3 months. I keep my Handgun, (40. cal. Glock), in a blackhawk locking holster that I’ve mounted to the headboard. My handgun is always loaded on my person with one in the pipe…until I go to bed. I remove the magazine, (not clip), then remove the round from the chamber. I then re-insert the magazine into the handgun and secure it into my bedside holster. This does 2 things. 1: I have to remove the pistol from the holster and load a round into the chamber by racking the side. This is a concious action that allows me to be mentally alert for what ever action I have to take next. 2: If some how my 16 month old son were to sneak into my room, he would have to disengage the trigger lock and remove the pistol all in one swift motion, otherwise the trigger lock will re-engage and he would not be able to remove the pistol. If he were somehow able to move the pistol, now he would have to be able to rack the slide in a quick swift action to load a round into the chamber. As he gets older I will have to come up with more creative ways of keeping my family safe and my son not able to access firearms

  • charlene frangioso says:

    SHE left her 3 year old ALONE. End of story, end of his life. Not premeditated, same results. Her little boy is dead & they are both responsible. The fact is it was a gun & no rationalization or comparisons of other possible manner of death can change that fact. Calling other people names for their opinions speaks to your character. There is a problem with gun related deaths. For every responsible owner there seems to be just as many irresponsible owners – legal or not. There are an endless amount of news stories that support this. I understand the desire to keep your family safe. Sometimes that proves to have the opposite result. And far too often there are multiple victims. And you can argue the facts all you want, but you can’t change them. Just ask the families in Newtown Ct. who are mourning their dead children.

  • Bill T says:

    The families in Newtown and this family are in no way similar except for the fact that life was ended by a bullet. Newtown = crazy mental case stormed thru a school. This family’s tragedy = complacency, irresponsibility, and other factors that we the public do not know yet.
    You keyboard cowboys become judge, jury and executioner before you even have all the facts. I’m not sticking up for these people or defending their actions. They made a mistake and it cost them dearly. Locking this mother or father away will serve no good and only further burden our prison systems, tear a child away from her parents and destroy a family.

    You are not getting the whole story, just bits and pieces to sensationalize a story. Has anything that has been released been proven in a court of law? No! Stop with the knee jerk reactions and pray for peace for their son who has passed and the other child in this situation whom I am almost certain is frightened and confused because her mom is in a jail cell.

  • Bill T says:

    For David:
    sharkdiver was wrong about the bathtub thing, but apparently in 2000 walking down the stairs was more of a hazard to life then firearm discharges. (1,307 Vs. 776) And you can forget about walking down the street too. Someone needs to pass legislation against choking. 3000+ deaths from chocking/blocked airway from “other objects”.

    When I was 5 I had a quarter in my mouth and I choked on it. My mom found me and got it out. What if my mom hadn’t? What if she had stayed in her room cleaning (as she was) instead of heading down stairs and walking past my room? Should my mom have been sentenced if I had died? I was unsupervised at the time, and almost met my maker, but was an accident.


  • Dianne Cartter says:

    Contact the real Father of Sheine. This woman left the State of Wisconsin with the children while he was working under huber law for child support of another child and he had now Idea where she was until a few months before his death, someone should contact him because he needs to get his daughter from her boyfriend, She is legally married to the father of Sheine .

  • Bill T says:

    So Dianne has the inside track? Where do you get your info from? You post like you might even be involved in some way with the biological father or heck, you might even BE the father. Maybe you should call the authorities or the real father since you seem to know more then the rest of us. Why would anyone in their right mind send a child to the father that was locked up for not taking care of another child? I’m sure this “father” is a real piece of work.

  • Jill says:

    Dianne is telling the truth. I am Shaine’s biological father’s fiance. We are currently seeking a lawyer in Colorado. Yes, I believe Jeremy should also be charged as well, I have seen all the documents and statements made. There are a lot of lies documented by the couple that were proven wrong by the detectives. He lied to Authorites, it was his gun that was loaded and not properly locked up and he told my fiance’s daughter to lie to authorities also. Not sure why he has temp. placement. I do really believe there is more to this story as I too have a 3 year old daughter and would never ever leave her alone as she is capable in getting into anything. But I do not own a gun!

  • ross steine says:

    his name is spelled shaine steine. i should know hes my son. as far as bill t comment, this never happened in my home. if you dont no details to a case dont assume you know the whole story.

  • Sarah says:

    This is a very tragic story! I have 4 kids and the youngest is 4. I have NEVER left one of my young children home alone since I am completely aware of all of the things they are capable of, I remember being a child. I don’t want to anger anybody here but is my dad the only parent that ever explained to us as children that guns could be very harmful and kill people? He didn’t have his guns locked up until I was a teenager but they were at least put up and not loaded. I am thankful for the things my dad taught me as a very young child, maybe that is just something that us small town country people do. In my personal opinion the mother should be charged for child neglect and abuse resulting in death. If I were to leave my 4 year old home by herself and she turns my stove on, loses interest and then she she wandering around the house and decides to get a bowl of cereal and sets the cereal on the burner and it catches fire, she panics and throws it in the trash and the trash catches the curtains, the curtains make my kitchen and then my house explodes and my little girl dies, I am negligent because I left her home alone correct? I know it is a radical story but hey I started my mom’s kitchen on fire with a paper towel when I was 6 helping her cook supper the same way, minus the big fire.
    Point being…I don’t see the point in arguing over this, what is it going to solve? There was a terrible tragedy, send some prayers to the family and friends of those involved instead of acting like my house full of children and nit picking and arguing like a bunch of elementary children. Are there any good people left in the world?

    Ross Steine and Family…My thoughts and prayers are with you, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. May you find comfort and peace :(

    To the mother: My thoughts and prayers with you as well, may you find peace in your thoughts, heart, soul. :(

    Fly High Sweet Angel Shaine

  • Bill T says:

    Just a little common sense and logical thinking here:

    Has it been proven in a court of law that she left him home? No. Has it been proven that the step dad lied? No. These are all accusations and have yet to be proven by the legal system and not public opinion. If public opinion convicted people I would have 75% of you on the execution line… Mr. Steine, you of all people should know how the legal system works since you were locked up for being a dead beat dad.Or did the court and baby-mama make that up? Old habits are hard to break and I highly doubt that you had no idea where your children were at.This isn’t the 1920′s where a person could just disappear with out a trace and continue to live. Everything we do in this day and age leaves a paper trail… Emails, bank accounts, jobs, state aid. The mother and step dad obviously live in a house. Rent or paying is irrelevant but it leaves a trail. If my wife bounced with my kids, I would hunt her to the ends of the earth. Maybe your kids mom had a reason for hiding from you? Maybe you liked to knock her around? If you truly cared you would have found a way to find your kids. Maybe if you were more active in your kids lives in the beginning, you could have prevented this tragedy? I’m calling B.S. on your story until the facts are founded instead of being accusations. You’re obviously trying to stir the pot and sway the public to your side by posting here with your friends From my point of view, you, the mom, and the step dad all did something wrong and could have done things different and now you are all being punished.

    It will be very interesting to see what comes out in the wash about each of you in this case. I’m sure that now you are involved in this there will be some investigations into your back ground as well. Which I am sure there already has been and why your daughter is staying where shes at. Social Service will do whats best for her.

    I pray for all involved in this tragedy.

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