Cañon City school suspends 6-year-old for kissing girl on cheek, hand

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CAÑON CITY, Colo. -- A Colorado Springs 6-year-old was suspended from school this week for kissing a girl on the cheek and hand, according to a report.

KRDO reported that Lincoln School of Science and Technology suspended first grader Hunter Yelton for two days for two separate kissing incidents. Yelton's parents are furious, saying this is all a misunderstanding and that the two kids are young crushes who like each other.

The school is calling it something much different: sexual harassment. A child psychologists is saying the school is sending the wrong message in dubbing the Yelton's behavior as such.

"I don't think a 6-year-old would understand what harassment is,” Sandy Wurtele, a child clinical psychologist at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, told KRDO. "That has some longer-term implications.

"For most 6-year-old boys, absolutely, (kissing) would be a normal behavior. Learning about it is part of development and is just as important -- if not more -- than learning in an academic sense."

Instead, Wurtele said the school should use this incident as a chance to teach some social development lessons to its students.

"For so long, we're like 'Oh no! Don't kiss. Don't talk about it. Don't ask questions,'" Wurtele said. "The school has an opportunity to move the dialogue away from 'we don't do this ever' to 'what situations is this acceptable?'"

While Yelton's mother, Jennifer Saunders, admits that her son has hand some issues at school -- he has also been suspended for rough-housing -- she said the whole situation has been blown out of proportion.

"She (the girl) was fine with the kiss," Saunders told KRDO. "The other children saw them kiss and went to the music teacher. The principal then calls it 'sexual harassment.' ... Now my son is asking questions. 'What is sex, mommy?' Sex should not ever be said in a sentence that involves a 6-year-old."

While a School District RE-1 spokesperson would not comment specifically on Yelton's actions, he did confirm that the boy's actions fit the school policy description of "sexual harassment."



  • philly phenatic

    Why dont you publish the names of the school official(s) who approved this assinine action against a 6yr old! These are supposed to be educated individuals in charge here. Sounds like our education system is really screwed up putting people like this in charge of a school district! Defamation charges need to be filed against the administration as well as the entire district.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot make up my mind if the idiots involved are sexually repressed, or just plain stupid. Things have gotten totally out of hand when kids cannot be kids anymore. A 6 year old acting like a 6 year old – WOW. Just a simple kiss.

  • Jennifer Wood

    A young child being treated as a sexual predator for being a normal young boy is despicable. Schools need to take a major look at how they are conducting themselves. Bravo to his mother for not allowing this to go on! They call the police on children playing and now an innocent kiss on the cheek and hand make a innocent boy a sexual deviant. Shame on them!

  • Chuck Shepard

    Sounds like they are trying to de-senitize the kids into zombies, now it’s time for the dads to have a serious talk to the principle(less) and superjerk and see just how adamant they are about this, be funny to see how emotional they are when they keep falling on their faces every time they show any.
    Maybe time to bring ‘child abuse by persons in authority’ charges against them, and have all three of them banned from having any contact with children for life.

  • jeff

    There is nothing “sexual” about a five year old and his girlfriend. The kiss was not unrequited, and acknowledged they were acting as boyfriend and girlfriend. We have to stop the nonsense and focus on real safety issues. The teacher should be suspended on the grounds
    of causing a crisis when one never existed. We all need a kiss now and then, it is real, and wonderful part of life. Good grief Charlie Brown!

  • Rob

    Come on now, Can’t you all see what a horrible kids this is… He has a record already. Suspended for “Rough Housing” and now a mallicous sexual attack on a little girl…. Sorry I had to try and fgure out the reasoning. I am sad to say, I could not figure it out and typig that first sentence had me even more pissed than when I first heard about this story.

    Seriously a 6 year old boy gets suspended for Rough Housing and now Kissing a friend? Who knows what sort of evil might do next. I am betting fart noises with his arm pits, or maybe a funny face that is racially motivated and a hate crime?

    I have to wonder how close we are getting to seeing the fall of this once great country!

  • john cook

    This is how stupid things are getting with these liberal social schemers running things. It is just part of an ongoing witchhunt.

    They need to recall everyone involved with this nonsense.

  • Tim Shewmake

    Time to get an attorney involved! Since the 6th grader can’t possibly know what “sexual harassment” is and this could be something that long-term could harm the boy emotionally there’s a great chance the school district could be sued. I tried to email the president of the school district, funny thing, his email is SHUT DOWN. lol Hmmm, wonder why?

  • D

    WOW! What is the World coming to? What’s next? A three year old gets suspended from pre school for saying I love you? So, now thanks to the principal and superintendent of this school and school district, this innocent six year old just grew into adult hood overnigth because he has been exposed to the term, “sexual harrassment” what is wrong with you people?

  • D

    And yes, the parents need to retain an attorney to get the “sexual harrassment” labeling removed from their 6 year olds school record.

  • Donna

    I would first take my 6-year old out of this crazy place and then I would find the best attorney and sue THEIR pants off!! Children at that age don’t even understand “sexual”. they are just showing their natural loving ways! The school people have obviously smoked too much pot!

  • Alpha Omega

    These are the same “educators” that are too stupid to know the difference between an imaginary weapon and a real one. Any surprises?

  • alphaomega80537

    Maybe the adult who witnessed it was sexually aroused, and therefore thought it was sexual in nature. Do we have another child molester masquerading as a teacher? Maybe an investigation is in order. After all, if it “saves one child, isn’t it worth it?”

  • Shana Clark

    This is the most ridiculous school administration I have ever heard of. They do not deserve to be leading children. This school should be boycotted then shut down. I most certainly would not entrust my child to this school run by clowns. They have marked this little boy’s present and future. Shame on them!!!

  • Amart

    Things have cetainly changed from the days of sneaking a kiss behind the cafeteria. I think I grew up ok. Notice the district’s website. Boys and girls lying together on the floor–seems pretty sexual to me or would if I believed in this school districts view of the world.

    Dumb people in Colorado if they let this superintendent get away with this shameful action against this child. Shame on them all.

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    If the girl had complained that it was unwanted, would you all still call this “dumb, wrong, unbelievable?” He’s done it before and was told to stop. He didn’t. He got punished. Will you all say the same things when he does it again and again? Yes, I do speak from experience!

  • Give your Heads a Shake

    This is a one sided story… Does anyone know how the little girl felt?
    What if she felt uncomfortable or said no to this little boy? Of course HIS mother said it was ok… That makes it ok right?

    No matter what age – 6, 66, or anything else; if person A kisses person B and person B feels uncomfortable about it they have a right to say something about it and as parents/school teachers/principles we have a right to action that.

    I AM proud that the school district did something about it. It shows that they dont want to have a girl growing up thinking its ok to be kissed anytime a boy wants to kiss her.

    About time someone stood up for girls rights.

    And for anyone out there who thinks otherwise… Would you feel the same way if this was your 16 yr old child? or 11 yr old child being kissed by unwanted advances? Think about it for a moment.

  • womanofthewoods

    Reblogged this on The Wise Woman Speaks and commented:
    This story has been bothering me since I first heard about it. My first sexual assault occurred on a playground when I was held down by one boy and kissed by another. This pattern of boys behaving this way toward girls and getting away with it needs to become a thing of the past. And, here we have a school district trying to the right thing. They have a sexual harassment policy in place, which is surely a requirement for every institution, and they are trying to enforce the rules, very much within reason. The comments sections, not only at FoxNews outlets online, but elsewhere, are full of plenty of support for the little male oppressors, but very little has been mentioned about this poor girl, who has been the victim of his assaults twice, according to news articles. According to, the girls told their reporters that she wanted the boy to “knock it off.” And, even if this were a case of consenting to be slobbered on, is this what should be going on at a school? No, of course not. It is disruptive. And, it is not fair to little girls who have to put up with these pint-sized pervs year after year like I did. The first boy to sexually assault me – and that’s what having your friend hold a little girl down so you can slobber on her is – continued to harass me for years. He eventually ended up in prison.
    Another little girl in my class had yet another boy who pursued her until middle school. It was horrible! At one point, her parents had to file charges against him for telephone harassment. This is what goes on when little boys are permitted to behave this way toward little girls in school. This school administration did the right thing, but reading the comments sections is very, very disturbing to me. I cannot believe how much support there is for “boys will be boys” with some people calling this behavior “sweet” and referring to little boys slobbering on girls and men slobbering on women as “gentlemanly.” It most certainly is not – it’s not civilized. It’s revolting. It’s assault. It’s a crime. And, since the advent of AIDS, HIV and HepC, it is a biological hazard, as well.
    This school tried to do the right thing… and this self-entitled mother is an example of how not to raise a little boy if you don’t want him to be a future felon.

    • genderneutrallanguage

      People are out raged over this, and rightly so. A six year old is not an adult. We can not expect a six year old to act like an adult. Part of the growing up process is making mistakes and pushing boundaries. We do need boundaries but from your tone the one and only boundary you would be happy with is the great wall of gender so that no male ever has any contact of any kind at any time for any reason with any female. We do need boundries for both boys and girls, these boundreis need to be well shy of gender apartheid.

  • Richard

    In the Netherlands this “school” is already the laughing stock of the educational world, i hope they realise that there are a lot of future parents who will probably NOT send their child there because it feels like sending him/here to juvenile hall even before the crime has been committed.

    And to the people who stand behind this school i would like to say:


  • Jennifer

    this is absolutely ridiculous they are 6 year olds , the parents have a right to be upset and the yea the lady has the right idea this could follow him around he rest of his school years and yes indeed think about how you can make it a positive conversation instead of so shameful! I ‘m not only disgusted to raise my child in this society but also get a grip on real situations !

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