Hudak resigns seat to end recall threat, hold Democrats’ Senate majority

Posted on: 8:07 am, November 27, 2013, by , updated on: 06:44pm, November 27, 2013

DENVER — State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver was first to report Wednesday.

Later Wednesday morning, Hudak made her resignation letter public.

“In the interest of preserving the progress made over the last year, I am resigning as State Senator for District 19, effective immediately,” Hudak wrote.

Hudak, D-Westminster, could have been the third Democratic lawmaker to face a recall over a package of gun control bills they helped pass earlier this year.

Sens. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, and Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, both decided to fight recall elections against them, but were ousted in September in favor of Republican replacements.

Knowing that Morse and Giron lost every legal challenge in the run-up to those elections, Hudak and Democrats generally appear to recognize the likelihood of the third recall’s success — as long as the group of gun rights activists behind the recall effort got enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

Hudak’s decision, finalized Tuesday after days of conversations with top Democrats including Senate President Morgan Carroll, is a gamble of sorts.

Like a poker player folding early, she’s decided to give up her job before recall organizers showed their hand and turned in any signatures, even knowing that more than 19,000 valid signatures — more than double the amount needed to get Morse’s recall on the ballot — are needed to force a special recall election.

Signatures, which are being collected by volunteers and paid petition circulators, were due on Dec. 3.

“Most Coloradans believe that the convenience of high-capacity ammunition magazines is less important than saving lives in tragedies like Sandy Hook, Aurora and Columbine,” Hudak wrote in her resignation letter. “That’s why I sponsored SB 13-197, a bill that takes guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. … By resigning, I am protecting these important new laws.”

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Earlier this week, recall organizer Mike McAlpine told radio host Mike Rosen that the group was “92 percent” to its goal in terms of the number of signatures gathered.

Instead of going all-in and risking a Republican takeover of the senate in the early months of a midterm election year, Hudak is playing it safe.

By resigning before the signatures are turned in, she assures that a Democratic vacancy committee will appoint her replacement, keeping the seat — and the senate — in the party’s hands, at least through November, when her successor will be forced to win reelection.

State law says that an office-holder can resign up to five days after the Secretary of State deems signatures sufficient to force a recall election, but it’s possible a judge could disagree and allow an election to go forward.

Given their track record in court, Democrats decided not to take that risk.

One possible replacement for Hudak is state Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada, whose House district overlaps with Hudak’s senate seat. But, the first-term lawmaker could opt to stay in her House seat, where next year’s reelection fight looks to be significantly easier.

Financial reports disclosed earlier this week show that the Democracy Defense Fund, a group formed to defend Hudak, has raised $120,000 in contributions, mostly from organized labor including the National Education Association.


  • dapandico says:

    What will happen to the $120,000.00? Pay off to Hudak?

  • Jimi Mack says:

    Nice, take the coward’s way out. Stay classy, EX-senator.

  • Robert Heater says:

    Maybe you should have voted the way your people wanted not the way Dem leaders wanted!
    also Naturalized citizenship should be an earned privilege, not a cheap handout!

  • KeithC says:

    Coward. It doesn’t matter what the people of your district want, all that matters is that you keep playing the game so that “your side” doesn’t lose a numeric superiority. Instead of having the decency and honor to face her constituency’s judgement, she’ll slink out the back door. The people – again – end up disenfranchised and ignored but that’s somehow acceptable.

  • Brian says:

    While I would have preferred that she be recalled, I’m glad to see this terrible senator out of a job!

  • CMA says:

    The democracy defense fund did not raise the money it was a one time signed check from Bloomberg. keep the New York politician out of Colorado.

  • Fast45 says:

    This is just a sign of things to come … the Dems will get their butts beat during the next Colorado elections. They will wish they could resign too, and postpone the change in leadership. Perhaps they should have simply voted the way their constituents wanted.

  • Bob says:

    Thanks Evie, You’re such a player.

  • True American says:

    Sleaze your way out the back door….Loser Coward !

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Time to take out the CONSERVATIVE trash in 2014.

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Hey conservative trash, we are going to take your jobs away from you in 2014.

  • David says:

    Recall the replacement!

  • Kim says:

    Hey conservatives loser, the recall was all for nothing. You still don’t have control of the senate. haha Losers.

  • Mike says:

    Recall the republican scum.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for taking one for the time Senator Hudak.

  • ^^ Taking one for the team is apparently more important than the will of the people/constituents.

    How Democratic of you left wingers. smh

  • Rick says:

    Conservative losers, you’re still the minority in the senate. haha

  • Gayle says:

    My, what Nanny Bloomberg and hubris have wrought with a once-unassailable Dem majority. We’ll be seeing the same play out nationwide in 2014.

  • don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!!! Scumbucket

  • True American says:

    TICK TOCK ..TICK TOCK…The clock is running LIBTARDS!!

  • brian j conway says:

    This is what the liberal politicians understand and fear. They should know that we are their nemesis, bringing about their rightful destruction. Let us purge them and forget that they were ever our countrymen.

  • Matt says:

    Chalk up this one as another win for the grassroots activists, and another win for the citizens of Colorado (and her district).
    A big loss for both Democrats (lacking confidence and taking the coward’s way out), the out-of-state funders backing Hudak, and the COGOP (for antagonizing Recall supporters while failing to make any gains)

  • Sean Michel says:

    This whole recall effort has been about the elected representatives not listening to the people they are supposed to represent. When you are elected, you are elected by a majority of the constituents in your district. After that, you are to represent the WHOLE electorate, not just the ones who supported you. Morse, Giron and Hudak didn’t. So many more of our elected officials, from both sides, are guilty of this.

  • Rick says:

    You conservative wackos are going down in 2014.

  • Rick says:

    Another win? You conservative losers don’t control the senate which is what this recall was all about. We will be taking the conservative scum out in 2014 when he take their jobs away from them.

  • Colorado Native says:

    Once again the Democratic machine in this state has given “the finger” to its constituents via Hudak’s resignation. Instead of allowing the citizens their Constitutional right to elect the representation THEY choose, yet another “D” lacky is shoved down the throats to represent their district.
    Classy move.
    Your “Progressive” and “Liberal” ideology will cost you dearly Colorado Democrats.

    Do you hear that rumble?
    To quote Admiral Isoruku Yamato upon learning the ultimatum for the Pearl Harbor was delivered 1 hour AFTER the attack occured:
    “I feel all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”

    We are awake and resolved to return Colorado to a representative republic state.

  • Rick says:

    We’ll be seeing what happened in Virginia play out in 2014 when we kick the conservative scum to the curb.

  • Some guy says:

    So she’s banking on the people that would have voted against her in a recall election forgetting/not transferring their anger to the replacement in the next ‘real’ election? Good luck with that I guess.

  • Samantha says:

    Democrat socialists are scum. They vote according to their political agenda not their constituents.

  • Rick says:

    Republicans are scum and a good conservative is one that gets stage 4 cancer.

  • Rick says:

    Can you hear us now republican scum? You are the minority in the senate. Win regular elections you rejects. haha

  • Jim says:

    Good bye and good riddance.

  • Michelle H says:

    You’re a patriot Senator Hudak. Thank you for your service.

  • Jim says:

    And Rick – exactly what do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Sammy says:

    Democrats are suicide bombers for their ideology.

  • George Sanderson says:

    Rick is a perfect example of the hatred that liberals and socialists truly feel for everyday citizens. Beware of those who proclaim themselves the “most tolerant,” the “most compassionate,” and the “most socially responsible.” They’ll stab you in the back every time and make you think they’re the victim for doing so. Looks like they’ve been exposed as the hate-mongers they truly are.

  • Sean says:

    A true Patriot does not fall on their sword. They fight to the bitter end, always with the goal of winning. She is retreating and leaving her replacement to fight her battle.

  • Jacque Feulner says:

    Most Coloradans believe that going through a background check is a reasonable thing to do if it means we can keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals . . . that the convenience of high-capacity ammunition magazines is less important than saving lives in tragedies like Columbine, Sandy Hook and Aurora . . . that people under restraining orders for domestic abuse should not be able to endanger those around them by keeping their guns.

    Thank you, Evie, for caring so much about my family and the families of all Coloradoans. You are a hero for standing up for your values and working so hard for us in the Senate. Colorado will continue to benefit from all that you have done over your many years as a public servant.

  • William says:

    RECALL THE WORTHLESS REPUBLICANS. We will be initiating recalls on you worthless republicans. Stay tuned…….

  • Colorado Native says:

    Leave “Rick” alone.
    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Andy says:

    Evie Hudak is an American patriot unlike the republican cowards.

  • Tom says:

    Conservatism is a mental illness. Good conservatives are ones that die of cancer.

  • Colorado Native says:

    I am a republican that wants to come out the closet. I am a homosexual.

  • Tom and Rick are in bed together. How cute………

  • Kelly says:

    I can’t believe how angry and mean most of you sound. You don’t know this woman personally. Perhaps you don’t agree with her political stance, but do you have to be cruel? It’s disheartening to see such negativity right before Thanksgiving. Please take this to heart, and think before you say such things.

  • Joe says:

    Rick, you are a gem. It’s people like you who’ve brought the discussion in the country down to winning versus losing. Wishing cancer upon anyone is disgraceful and you will have to answer for that type of hate. May God bless your troubled soul.

    This shouldn’t be about us/them and winning/losing. Being an elected official has transformed from being the voice of the people to somehow being given an edict to act without recourse. And this is true on both sides.

    You are elected to represent the people and that should not be lost upon anyone in office from the city level, school board all the way up to the President. It is really disgusting how so many of our elected officials act. It’s as if they believe they are more important than the citizens. They are not. These recalls are serving as a sobering reminder to all elected officials to represent their constituents and not get carried away with their own personal agendas.

    Enough with the name calling on both sides. Make a point backed with facts and move on.

  • George Sanderson says:

    Eli Stokols should be held to account for being a tool of the progressive left. He’s the only one who could get a phone call back from the phony, fear-mongering door hangers. He doesn’t source his material and reports their press releases without doing an ounce of investigation. Looks like people are wising up to guys like you too.

  • The $120K went to pay for Idiot protests at or near signature collection points. “they are selling your signature” (One of the Signs) She was sending her minions to attempt to disrupt signature gathering. Good of her to resign, If there is an opportunity to vote for a replacement a Republican would win just based on the absurd vitriol that she generated. It is disgusting, but then these people have no shame!

  • Colorado Native says:

    I’ve come out to my family and they welcomed me with open arms. There is nothing wrong with being a republican that is homosexual.

  • American patriots don’t quit and certainly aren’t cowards Andy. Then again – this is the “new” America right? LOL

  • She’s a despicable person, the lowest of the low. I’m glad to see her go.

  • Colorado Native says:

    “I am a republican that wants to come out the closet. I am a homosexual.”

    Boy your original and is that the best you can do, copy my screen name and post your own preferences/desires?

    See what happens when you come to a war of wits unarmed?

  • Another one gone.!!! Too bad they don’t learn, they are there to represent the people not the party.

  • True American says:

    Wow! Bashing homosexuals and wishing a horrible thing like Cancer on a human being….There are the TRUE colors of the Libtards ! So pathetic…I feel sorry for all of you.

  • Rita Marquez says:

    You are my hero, Evie!

  • MacDaddyWatch says:

    Cleaning house of all those who don’t listen to their constituents is GOOD FOR AMERICA.


  • Colorado Native says:

    Conservatards are conservatives who are retards.

  • Colorado Native says:

    Vote the republican scum out in 2014.

  • Responsible CHP says:

    I’m glad she’s gone, but on the other hand we have her, and her big mouth, to thank for still being able to carry on campus. Better to have stupid enemies than competent enemies, but it was a good gamble trying to recall her.

  • James says:

    So long, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  • SPQR says:

    Democrats are running scared now. 2014 will be a massacre for Democrats due to their arrogance and incompetence.

  • Mike says:

    Don’t think you conservative turds understand the situation. Hudak will probably get a cushy job now paying her a lot more than what she was getting paid as a state senator and the democrats still control the senate. Am I missing anything here? You conservatives are losers.

  • not a matter of controlling the senate there Mike so yeah you’re definitely missing something – a brain for starters…..

  • Colorado Native says:

    Yes, we’re running scared hahahahaha even after we beat the living daylights out of the republicans recently in Virginia. We are taking the conservative trash out in 2014!!!!!!!!!!

  • fast45 says:

    Schools must be out on Thanksgiving break … several “liberal” posters here are on their folks’ computers saying childish things.

    There shouldn’t be any further need for recalls, after the next couple Colorado elections … Unless Bloomberg can get thousands of his liberal sheep to actually move to our state, the voters will speak. The Dem party obviously realized Hudak was going down. A foreshadowing of the future. There would be no need for damage control, if they had listened to the voters to begin with.

  • PHIL THOMAS says:

    I cant believe that anyone who believes in Democracy could wish stage 4 cancer on any other human being. Rick needs help ? He calls himself a Democrat ? He is ill or needs locking away ?

  • Jason says:

    You all realize that almost all of the ignorant, vile anti-conservative posts on here are form the same person I hope. He/she is a troll who is obviously distraught by the news that the Colorado Democrats have been forced to retreat instead of fight. This is going to be the new norm in dealing with liberals going through the next election. As their prospects of retaining power at the state and federal level diminish the level of vitriol they spew will increase exponentially. Personally I am going to sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Essentially the Democrat Gang just conceded Colorado for 2014. This protects them until November and allows them to try and entrench the failed policies they have already created, making those failures harder to dislodge, but that’s all. Next year the Dem majority if Colorado, and the Dem Governor almost certainly, will be removed.

    It’s a good day for Colorado and the nation.

  • Jason, judging by it’s posting style it haunts all the “Disqus” political boards as “attildahun”. It’s been screaching this same “die of disease” mantra on every Hudak story for a while now.

  • And a note about the Virgina “victory” the leftist troll keeps talking about: After outspending the Republican 3 to 1(sound familiar?), bringing in Bill and Hillary and Shotgun Biden, having the name recognition AND having a Democrat funded “Libertariuan” candidate running 3rd Party to siphon votes from the Repub, McAwful won by 2%.

    The Libertarian siphoned off 7% and McAuliffe couldn’t break 50%. He squeaked by with a plurality thx to the typical Democrat manipulation of an election. That’s the Big Victory this leftist is bragging about. So just smile and nod at him…it’s all he and they deserve.

  • T says:

    I’ve got a whole library of war books.

    None speak of Exit Strategy

    Yet this is the liberals only strategy

    I can figure an “exit strategy” is only a politically correct way to say “Retreat!”

  • Robert says:

    This seat will go Republican come November. I worked on the recall & live in the district. The people are fed up & energized because of the gun bills jammed down the throat of Coloradoans. Starting with the governor on down the will fall like a house of cards. The tide is turning & the outside interests just keep antagonizing the voters two very bad things for Democrats.

    Anyway, I wish everyone ( Democrat or Republican) a Happy Thanksgiving,

  • liberydwells says:

    I’m a sore loser. The conservative scum lost badly in Virginia. haha

  • liberydwells says:

    Good conservatives are ones that get cancer

  • DR Commish says:

    Though completely within protocol, and the rules of the Senate…. This decision clearly suggests that she knows she was going to lose, and despite her “vow to fight to the end”… she is proving that she’s a wimp, a charlatan, and a puppet. The “Progressive” ideology must end here, Colorado, or we will soon become “California-East”.

  • Susan says:

    If the democrats thought they were doing the will of the people, they should have had nothing to worry about with the recall. But clearly they realized that Hudak was vulnerable, because she was more concerned with towing the party line than with what her constituents wanted. So obviously this stunt is wholly aimed at retaining party control, and not about the people of Colorado.

    And you few liberals on this page wishing cancer on conservatives – wow, a whole new low. That is just pathetic on so many levels!

  • It’s a good day when the resident troll tries to copy your user name. You know you’ve hit the mark and made it cry. Thx, attildahun, for the validation!

  • Dave says:

    Bye Bye Evil The Hut

  • Mark says:

    This has nothing to do with political ideologies. This has everything to do with listening to constituents who elect public officials. I will say, it was a crafty political move but then politics seems to have degenerated into a left V right argument instead of one vote one voice.

  • Kae Mechiso says:

    Have to wonder what the Democratic Party promised her to get her to resign?

  • Hello everyone, I wanted to thank all the people of my district that tried to help me with this recall. You failed miserably!
    I would especially like to thank the large donors of outside money, you know who you are (Bloomberg, Soros) who contributed to the recall efforts & the walking away money that’s the best part!

    Before resigning, I asked myself, self;

    1. Was I smart to concede my seat because I was afraid to face the very people I say represent?
    2. Did my action give the Republicans an easy victory for my house seat November 14?
    3. Do I really look like Mrs Doubtfire?
    4. Should I have at least listened or read some basic information before casting most of my mis-guided votes.
    5. Did looking a pictures of guys on the internet when I should’ve been listening to constituents really cost me my job?

    Anyway, I have got to go look for a job so I’ll be signing off now.

    Signed Doubtfire out,

    PS: I resigned, I wasn’t recalled there’s a difference you know.

  • Luke says:

    Hey Rick, better get that resume ready. Looks like you will actually have to look for a job before 2016 as opposed to responding 100 times on this forum and playing xbox all day. The free ride is coming to an end and that includes your Obama phone.

  • Luke says:

    Are there any other conservative homosexuals on here? I am looking for a hot republican man to take me out on a date.

  • Luke says:

    Oh Rick, did I strike a nerve? Almost a decade of freeloading and the thought of having to apply to fast food joints must really have you down. Should have finished middle school huh? Maybe when you turn 16 you can try for your GED. Till then, tell your parents to vote GOP. Thanks.

  • Juan't Ajob says:

    This is proof that anti-gunner pols aren’t welcome in CO politics. It’s called democracy. It also might ebb the purple tide, here, which would make it all worthwhile.

  • Ross says:

    WOW! What vitriol from the left. I am ecstatic this socialist elitist is leaving even if she took the cowardly way out. Keep up the good work citizens and remember that elections have consequences. One way or another, we will take the country back from those who would kill our freedoms. Because thats what all of this is really about…FREEDOM!!!

  • Linda says:

    What a brave and unselfish woman. There are many ways to stand up to the out-of-control gun worshippers, this is one. Bravo!

  • All mass-shootings happen under the same sign: NO GUNS ALLOWED.

  • TKH says:

    Hudak is such a low-life weasel she can’t face the voters honorably. Of course, what do you expect…she is taking a bullet (NO pun intended) for her liberal progressive colleagues. They will hold onto power at ALL costs. Conservatives MUST keep these liberals on the defensive and remind those Dems that to ignore the people means political suicide!

    • Jacque Feulner says:

      So funny you are! She already faced the voters twice, and won both times!! She is resigning because she believes that the money, lies and dishonorable tactics being practiced by the gun lobby to scare politicians from doing anything that might hurt their profits is difficult to fight. She knows that Democrats must not lose the Senate – which they won fairly and squarely during the last election. The right wing crazies of this country are destroying America.

      • Fastgirl says:

        In the previous recalls Bloomberg and other groups that support him spent 7 times the money that those that supported the recall spent and you and your friends like Bloomberg still couldn’t buy the election. So sad for you. Our country would be in much better shape if voters like you didn’t just listen to the babble from the anti gun lobby, Obama, Hickenlooper, Bloomberg, Hollywood,The Denver Post, and MSNBC.

  • Fastgirl says:

    The Dems throw another woman under the bus. What cowards. Talk about a war on women.

    • Jacque Feulner says:

      You don’t believe that Evie resigned because she knows that if she was recalled, the Senate would fall into the hands of the crazy Republicans who care nothing about women’s rights? If you believe they do care about them, just do some research and see how the Republicans have fought off all measures to protect our rights. Oh, you may be too lazy to do any real research for the truth. Too bad, our country would be in much better shape if voters like you didn’t just listen to the babble from the gun lobby, Rush, Beck, etc.

  • Rick says:

    This is why LIBERTARIANS should be in office! Quit wasting your votes on these R’s and D’s. Both sides continue to play these silly, childish games with our time, money, etc.

    • Fastgirl says:

      And Libretarians don’t play games? Please.

    • Jacque Feulner says:

      Libertarians would only defund education, roads, libraries, parks, all social programs that help people with disabilities and poor children. Yeah, at least they would not interfere with a woman’s right to care for her own health.

      • Fastgirl says:

        More fear mongering propaganda from the left. Nice try. That may work with your base but not with everybody else.

      • Jacque Feulner says:

        Are you a Libertarian, or are you just replying to all posts without reading them?

        Do libertarians want to get rid of all government?

        Libertarians want to replace as much government as they practically can with private, voluntary alternatives. Some libertarians are “minarchists” who favor stripping government of most of its power to meddle, leaving only structures like the police, courts and military to defend our rights and borders. Others are “anarcho-capitalists” who believe limited government is a contradiction and the free market can provide better law, order and security than any government monopoly.
        In other words – demolish all government, which includes education, roads, bridges, libraries, parks, public swimming pools, assistance to the disabled and poor.

        You disagree that this is true? You must not be a Libertarian and should learn more about it before making such an uninformed comment. . . . oh, that is who Fastgirl is! Even afraid to post his/her name!

      • Fastgirl says:

        Just because you say the words doesn’t make them true. Another thing you have in common with Obama.

  • clownrodeo says:

    The democrats are showing who they really are. Running from a fight instead of standing up to it. Fight to the end hu? More lies from from trash who have words and nothing more.

  • AZlefty says:

    So now the Democrats have a Sarah Palin to idolize, the comments here show the far left is as mindless as the Far Right!

    Simple FACT is that if what she did was supported by a majority she would not lose her seat.

  • Jason says:

    People need to stop only focusing on the terrible anti 2nd amendment laws that were passed as the only reason for the recall efforts. I would remind every one you know about the absolutely corrupt rule changes to the voting laws that these democrats jammed into law. I believe that these are far more important to repeal than the gun laws (although the I think the gun laws must be repealed also).

    • Fastgirl says:

      We don’t need to focus on only thing we have a long list. Obama and the Dems lied and betrayed the American people. Do they want people in office that will do anything to get what they want not what is best for the American people? The question is what are they going to do about it?

  • DT says:

    What a coward, good riddance. A sign of things to come in 2014

  • Theodore Torres says:

    When your elected official is not doing what the majority of the people want then it’s time for them to go. A resigning officials seat should go back into the election pool and not appointed by a party.

  • Lois says:

    I appreciate Senator Hudak’s caution. Here in Colorado Springs, an angry 11% managed to recall Senate President Morse. Those 11% do not represent the majority of voters on the need for gun safety legislation. Outright lies and hysteria carried the day last Sept. 10. By 2014, Coloradans will be more objective and rational about the accomplishments of the 2013 legislative session.

    • Fastgirl says:

      Interesting it appears that the majority of Americans think that Obama and the Dems are the liars and betrayers. Not everyone else as you try and portray them to be. In a new poll Obama’s Colorado job approval rating is only 36%.

  • DT says:

    Lois, where were the other 89% to vote against the recall?

  • Big Clip says:

    So, who’s next? Anyone? Any pussy liberals up for the next gun grab?

  • Hy Sami says:

    My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,,,,,,,

  • Fastgirl says:

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    This is what Obama and his Dem friends in Colorado are creating. What are the voters in Colorado going to do about it?

  • Jim says:

    Hudak earned the vitriol back in March by verballhy assaulting Amanda Collins in a committee hearing. That is primarily what earned her this, and motivated me to help with the recall.

    Beyond that is the support for useless gun laws that do nothing to stop crimnals, but do cause problems for non-criminals. The support of a biliion dollar tax hike. The flippant manner in which she handled the vote on Amendment 66. The casual neglect of due attention to important matters of state – parole reform on the block and she’s twittering away about nonsense – yet parole problems (created by another Democrat law) were what got Evan Ebel loose and able to kill the head of Corrections (Hick’s buddy). Hudak’s abuse of a 14 year old over a yard sign her parents didn’t want in the yard.

    The “woman” was a disgrace and an ugly blight on Colorado politics.

  • judalisaliar says:

    ““Most Coloradans believe that the convenience of high-capacity ammunition magazines is less important than saving lives in tragedies like Sandy Hook, Aurora and Columbine,” ”

    Then why are you afraid of a recall?

    • Fastgirl says:

      The two other recalls present another narrative then what the left is presenting. Yes what are they afraid of?

  • Robert Thomasson says:

    The effectiveness of her sacrifice is to be gauged in the wailing cries of conservatives on this thread. The more anger, the more name calling, the more disrespect and the the vitriolic jingoism by the angry right, the more these slow thinkers lose the middle, whose votes they need. To my friends on the right, I must remind you that you are not the majority any longer and your numbers are shrinking.

  • Shea Joy says:

    There are some real haters commenting here. The forum, a Fox News channel, is conducive to hyperbole and hysteria, I suppose. If you like having your state legislature bought and paid for by outside interests, play along with the NRA’s agenda. The Colorado gun laws are just common sense.

    • Fastgirl says:

      In the last recalls Bloomberg and the Dems spent seven times the money your opposition did and still couldn’t buy the election. Bloomberg also out spent your opposition on Amendment 66. Couldn’t buy that one either.You only seem to have a problem with your opposition buying elections and seats in the legistautre not the people you support. Interesting…..

  • Rats jumping off a sinking Democrat ship — this one ought to make a nice big splash :-)

  • Jill says:

    Hudak was paid by Billionaire Bloomberg to push Australia and England type gun control. Google the video “Gun Confiscation in Australia and England” and see what Hudak was going to do to our gun rights.This is what Colorado Democrats are trying to do in the U.S. Listen to the people of these countries tell how gun control led to their guns being distroyed. Handguns,hunting guns and target guns. They will tell you what the Democrat plan is and Obama has already said he wants Australian type gun control in the U.S.

  • S2 says:

    Anyone here a survivor of the Rodney King riots? Well I’m old enough to remember seeing Watts burn, you try and take away the high capacity mags of any of those survivors and you’ll get a fight. You think that can’t happen here and you’re a fool.

  • John says:

    Now you guys know how Dems really think (“OK, you had better resign so we can nominate someone who isn’t tarred with your brush but who will still support massive gun control”), you had better make sure that whomsoever you do vote for has better credentials than this anti.

  • clownrodeo says:

    Glad to see the democrats on here wishing cancer on people. Cowards with words just like Hudak

    • John says:

      We should be thankful that they did not express hope that the next massacre kills all our children. If they did, it would by no means be the first time.

      Amazing, they spew hatred and curses on us, yet we are to blame for the violence today. As for me, whilst there are people like these Dems, I’ll feel a lot happier carrying a gun.

  • Ted Brown says:

    I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of BOOdak. To all the LIBTARDS if things don’t go your way in November you could move to New York City, the citizens there voted 73% for an admitted COMMUNIST who believes and I quote “in the heavy hand of government”.

  • dapandico says:

    Evie knows she won’t win and is turning into a Fleebagger.

  • Luke says:

    republicans are worthless cowards. Hey republican scum, you still ain’t got the senate!!!!

  • Luke says:

    Hey gun huggas, Obama won CO TWICE. a GOOD REPUBLICAN is one that dies of cancer.

  • Luke says:

    Conservative retards r mad cuz they ain’t got the senate. haha Republican worthless trash

  • Luke says:

    You gun huggers are fn cowards and I hope your loved ones die of cancer

  • Luke says:

    Hudak has more courage and guts than any of you worthless republican scum hah yOU fn cowards.

  • earthside says:

    Take a big picture gander at what has just happened.

    The gun radicals have huffed-and-puffed and stewed and steamed — to what end?

    Democrats still control the Colorado state senate; there will be no change to any of the new gun safety laws (there wouldn’t have been anyway); the voters have seen just how radical these gun radicals are and just how far they will bully to get what they want; and term-limited Hudak is now a heroic political martyr to Democrats, liberals, progressives and moderates (i.e., the majority of voters in this state).

    Frankly, the recall radicals look pretty silly today.

    Alas in the end it all boils down to this (apologies to the bard): “It was a recall run by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    • Fastgirl says:

      Evie and the Dems were afraid what the outcome otherwise she wouldn’t have resigned.

    • John says:

      Thank you, Earthside, for at least being civil, unlike too many of the low IQ 15 year old (mental age, at best) posters, almost certainly living in their mother’s basement with no access to showers for weeks on end, that you seem to be associated with.

      However, I would point out the adage that the longest journey starts with a single step.

  • Luke says:

    The gun laws are go the books forever. Take that you republican vermin scum. republicans are a fn minority in COlorado. You stupid COWARDLY gun huggers still don’t control the senate. haha stupid gun hugging scum

  • Michelle says:

    Republican degenerates. We still control the legislature and we can and will pass any laws we want and there is nothing you extremists can do about it. Next up, recalling as many republican senators as possible and throwing the POS out in 2014!!!!

  • Jill says:

    Keep getting signatures. This could be another dishonest ploy by the Democrats to stop people from signing the petitions.

  • andy says:

    Jill, Hudak is stepping aside and another democrat is taking her place. You lost. You don’t control the senate you stupid worthless gun hugging trash

  • andy says:

    Obama won CO and OH twice you ignorant gun hugger. haha

    • Fastgirl says:

      Sooo…… His lies and betrayal of the American people are now on the Dems. The Dems perpetuated lies and now they own them. Why do you think the Dem politicians are running from Obama? Just like Evie. A bunch of cowards.

  • andy says:

    You republicans are cowards. A good republican is one that dies of cancer.!!!!

    • Fastgirl says:

      So sad that you can’t fight the fight with intellectual arguments so you have to resort to spewing hate.

  • andy says:

    You republican terrorists betrayed the american people when you terrorists shut our government down

    • Fastgirl says:

      Lying and betraying the American people is OK but shutting down the government isn’t. The politicians didn’t lie about that. A lie is a lie is a lie no matter how many times you tell it or how many it hurts. Unlike you the majority of Americans don’t condone it. You only have a problem with lies and betray if your opposition does it. Otherwise it is OK. Most Americans don’t operate with the lack of morals you and Obama have.

  • Joe says:

    Dude looks like a laaaaady

  • Joe says:

    Obama going apesh*t with his Nutjob ideas like kicking everyone off their healthcare plans are going to Competely crush the socialistcrats, independents are now saying they will vote GOP by a 20-1 margin.

    Goocbye freaking psycho Dems

  • Roscoe says:

    2014 is going to be BRUTAL !

    Am sure we can find a Tea Party replacement for all these Nazi Democrats

  • Jill says:

    Let’s work and take the Democrats out in 2014. Billionaire Bloomberg will try to buy seats for the anti-gun Democrats but it has been shown that the people of Colorado do not want to be controlled by New York and California Billionaires. Work in the 2014 elections,get your friends, neighbors and family to vote against these puppets of the wealthy. Let’s work hard to keep Colorado free!

  • SloCatch says:

    I’m trying to get above all this stupid bickering and poor leadership practices. Just try to take an objective look at all the huge amounts of tax payers time, concerns and money that are and have been absolutely wasted by this back and forth power play by both parties . Look at how many decades this has gone on! Try to imagine where we would be as a Nation if we all applied the time and resources that are now spent only on self-preservation of the TWO parties! There should be no doubt after reading all these comments that we desperately need a 3rd party with equal authority. America now is like a table trying to stand on only two legs! We sway far to the left and then far to the right repeatedly! Try to put a dollar figure to what I’m saying; it will blow your mind. A tripod on the other hand stands secure and solid under any condition and terrain. This year I will think and act independent from all this waist, my son deserves so much more!

    • Fastgirl says:

      Last time I checked we have more than two parties in this country. Unfortunately for those that vote for anything other the Democratic or Republican those candidates have no chance of winning.

  • “By resigning, I am protecting these important new laws.” Madam, you only delayed the inevitable. Get ready for the collective California/Colorado Progressive heads to unequivocally cave in with all 15 of them screaming they’re still the majority. I’m so proud of Coloradoans being the example of rolling up your sleeves and showing America how to once again be free from progressive oppression. It will be a long while before they get back in.

  • john cook says:

    hudak: coward, crook, Stalinist.

    note how one poster is using a lot of different names to spew hate and drivel: he’s just mad cause he caught aids down on Colfax with all the other libtards.

  • That’s the only way Republican’s can get their way… cheat, steal, lie, and bully. Otherwise, they’d not be a factor and gun control lobbiests would be shown the back door.

    • Fastgirl says:

      Hmmmmm….. Who lied and betrayed the American people for over three years ? Who told Americans. ” if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan. Period. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period. Health insurance premiums will go down $2500 per family.” Who repeatedly lied in order to get what they wanted no matter how many millions of people they hurt? Obama and the Dems. The majority of Americans know who the liars and betrayers are and repeatedly saying something different doesn’t change the facts.

  • Jewey McGunGrabberStein says:

    Hey here’s a little factoid for ya, eve hudak isn’t from Colorado NOPE she’s guess what? A NYC JEWESS, who would of guessed a Jew form NYC would hates guns. I’m actually one of a handful of Jews in America that believes in the first,second and fourth amendment. I fled Herr Bloomberg’s NYC and I now live in ARIZONA, where the second amendment is considered sacred. Please NON new yorkers DON’T elect NYC Jewish libtards they RAPED my former city!!

  • SloCatch says:

    Fastgirl, your trying to hard to brainwash me, it won’t work. My vote is just as important as yours. You just need to grow a pair!

  • SloCatch says:

    Point well taken, thank you. I should have said that the perception I have of your comment is that you have been brainwashed to say what you did. I have heard the same comment a thousand times. All coming from members of the two most common political parties.

    • Fastgirl says:

      Oh I get it everybody who doesn’t agree with your opinion has been brainwashed. You seem to have confused your opinion with the facts. Opinions are not right or wrong they are just what they are your opinion. Nothing more. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your opinion is the only one in the world or the most important because it isn’t.

  • SloCatch says:

    I don’t. I just make for a terriable hostage. I feel that those who vote the party lne first are being held hostage by that party. They also make comments like you did to brainwash others not to dare vote outside of said party.
    So sorry I got under your skin, please get a good nights sleep and enjoy tomorrow and give thanks to those of us who are fighting or have fought for the right to say what we feel.

  • clownrodeo says:

    Taking bets on when the next democrat obama campaign volunteer goes on another killing spree like Lanza or Homes to shove more laws on the people. Just bets on a date the place will be in a gun free zone. You would think people could read and know murder is against the law but the are obama volunteers

  • Here’s to all you gun toting fools. Let’s see you come out without your weapon’s, then we’ll see how tough you all are. You all need your weapon’s to hide behind…. She was the only brave one…. Your all sick in the head…

  • Tom Slatton says:


    “Another One Bites The Dust”

  • Tom Slatton says:

    Demmy Compton appears to be scared of gun owners. Imagine that. Maybe he can go get some tax payer funded help in the form of counseling. Sounds like Demmy needs a good “rap” session. Some one on one with a stranger who works for the government and is paid to act like he/she really cares. Ha ha ha ha ha

  • R/D. says:

    Another Democrat sheep gone.. Good riddance! One less social-engineering idiot. 2014 is coming and Colorado will take back it’s government.

  • andy says:

    you right wing terrorists betrayed the american people by shutting down our government we will take the conservative scum out in 2o14 and oh, we still got the senate you conservative filth. A good republican is one that dies of cancer!!!! There will be a lot of conservative sheep gone in 2014 gun owners are cowards and may they all die of cancer. their children too

    • Fastgirl says:

      More hate spewing from the left. You are always pretending to be the party of inclusion, understanding, and compassion. Your posts tell a completely different story. I for one am glad that the entire world can see the real you. Hateful.

  • andy says:

    you republican terrorists who shut down our government will pay in 2014. you right wing scum are a fringe. good conservatives are ones that die of cancer

  • SloCatch says:

    Get well soon Andy.

  • jj says:

    OK – I realize this is a Fox site, so the comments are pretty stupid. And odd. The Rep’s, going against the will of the American voters, say they are trying to save the country from the voter’s will. These nanny-legislators KNOW better than the common folk. But when a Dem says this, the results are typical.
    And really? There is a big need for high-capacity clips??? Are you going hunting, or going to war?

  • Dan says:

    Demo-Rats are getting the picture. Who will be next?

  • andy says:

    You republican scum are being thrown out in 2014. Only good conservative is one that dies an agonizing death from terminal cancer.

  • andy says:

    rethuglicans, 2014 is the way you right wing scum are thrown out of office.

  • Hey, it’s Thanksgiving. Sometimes I wish the Native Americans had kept their beautiful land when I read comments like these.

  • andy says:

    Low recall elections. hahaah Don’t you worry, we plan on throwing the republican scum out in 2014. A good conservative is one that dies of cancer!

  • andy says:

    fastgirl, 2014 can’t come fast enough. We are going to kick the republican terrorists out of office. I hope your loved ones die of cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fastgirl says:

      I love it that the world can see the Democratic parties true colors. They are not only the party of liars, betrayers but haters too. Obama proved this by using the hateful derogatory term “tea bagger” in a hand written letter to a citizen of this country. The man who received it is auctioning it off so the whole world will get to see what a hater Obama is.

  • andy says:

    Tea baggers are scum, tea baggers are racist and hateful scum a good tea bagger is one that gets stage 4 cancer

  • andy says:

    republicans are racist trash.

    • Fastgirl says:

      It appears that the only racist and bigot here is you. Clean up your own act maybe then you can point your finger elsewhere.

  • andy says:

    The tea party are racist scum and there is a special place in hell for these worthless right wing vermin

  • Mike says:

    Forget party Democrat, Republican, or other…along with “andy” are many other examples of pathetic idealism…hate, racism, scum? Wishing cancer, terminal cancer, etc…on anyone is so pathetic, ignorant and immature that it transcends even the most warped imagination. Truly Andy, I hope this kind of karma doesn’t come your way, even you don’t deserve it. But then, I am sure you don’t comprehend.

  • Mike says:

    Fatsgirl…you are talking to?

  • SloCatch says:

    Mike, I appreciate your comment on the dysfunctional. It is very reflective of the leadership of the two major parties and where their priorities are and have repeatedly been for the past four decades. Unfortunately this dysfunction is what America has elected to rule the country. Sad, very sad. It is truly time for a 3rd party with equal authority. With that added to the equation, these present party leaders would not have the luxury to expend such unnecessary energy, time and money on disputes. Among the three entities, one would emerge as a logical authority on any issue presented to them. That peer pressure would quickly sober up this senseless bickering and finally progress would be made for this once great country. The power of thinking independently is urgently needed and much welcomed. As an Independent thinker you are entitled to vote for any candidate or opinion rather than what the present party affiliation mandates. From what I have read, the independent voter has surpassed the Republican Party and is very quickly overcoming the Democrat party. The common man is much more intelligent and making much more informed decisions thanks to the new tools available. There is still hope and time for a real change. I along with many others expect far more than what is presently presented by the leadership of the two major parties. Kind of like expecting Andy to grow up.

  • Floyd Martinez says:

    The Republicans should be careful for what they wish for. Do the pin heads think the Democratic leadership will support someone less progressive tha Evie Hudak? The Jeffco reactionaries never saw this move

    • Fastgirl says:

      If the Republicans can force Evie and the two other Dems who were recalled out they can remove her successor. They may have to wait until the election in 2014 but it can be done.

  • SloCatch says:

    Yep, it sounds like the adjenda for the Republican party is already established and approved by their self preserving members for 2014….more infighting and little to none problem solving and absolutly no progressive leadership. Very predictable.

    • Fastgirl says:

      You under estimate the anger of the majority of the American people at Obama and the Dems. Big mistake. Will that hold until the 2014 elections? Time will tell.

  • SloCatch says:

    Good morning Fastgirl.

  • SloCatch says:

    Did you take the survey on the front page this morning?

  • SloCatch says:

    I don’t underestamte it at all. I recognize that the direction given by both parties is anger, not problem solving.

  • SloCatch says:

    I would love to wrestle with you some more, but I do have things I have to do. Best.

  • Paul says:

    domestic abuser n. a male accused of abuse by his spouse

  • andy says:

    the republican terrorists don’t understand how much the American people are angry with them for shutting down the government. We the people will take the right wing trash out in 2014!!!!!!!!

  • andy says:

    republicans like fastgirl are racist traSH.

  • SloCatch says:

    Andy, isn’t it Obama who is at the helm of this country? Was he not capable of keeping his responsibilities? Isn’t he 100% responsible by job description to manage our Gov. or do you feel that letting the Gov. to be shut down is a form of good managment? Are you just putting the blame on the other leadership who thought it would be a grand idea to shut down the Gov.?

  • fast45 says:

    Hudak is out … some new clone is in. No big deal. So much for her words, “I’ll fight to the end.” If she’d have listened to her district, we wouldn’t have any recalls to talk about. Should be interesting to see what Hickenlooper will do to distract our attention from his recent incompetence. Hopefully the Repubs will run a viable candidate.

  • andy says:

    the republicans will run another crazy nut and that is why you republicans will lose. A good republican is one that dies of terminal cancer

  • andy says:

    conservatives like fastgirl are racist trash with an extremely low iq.

  • andy says:

    the republican terrorists shut down our government and the republican vermin will pay in 2014 like they paid in 2013 in vIRGINIA…..We are coming for your jobs you right wing vermin scum!

    • John says:

      Naw, the fact that we have jobs (mostly) and you need them (again, mostly) is indicative of what is wrong with this country under O’Blunder. OTOH, if you could handle my job, you would already be employed and would not be voting for Obama.

  • SloCatch says:

    Remarkable just how differntly we all reason. I for one have realized that one who resorts to name calling displys the lowest IQ.

  • SloCatch says:

    Fastgirl, I am curious, do you own a firearm? The reason why I ask is that this article is based around issues concering that subject. I for one own a few and average shooting about 300 rounds a month. My favorite weapon is a very small but deadly accurate 17HMR rifle with a bolt action and up to a 7 shot clip. I also own a semi-automatic 9mm with a 9 shot clip , 30-06 Springfield bolt action with a 4 shot capacity and a 12 guage shotgun 5 shot capacity. I really do appreciate most of the law’s recently passed. Or I should say do not oppose them. I can certainly see why recall is in order of a politician who puts their own needs above the majority of their constituents like in this case. Do you oppose a 30 round clip for an assault rifle and if so why?

    • John says:

      As another firearm owner, it seems to me as if you are prepared to accept some restrictions as long as they do not affect your personal use and ownership of firearms. Have you not yet realized that the whole plan is to whittle away at ALL ownership a little here and a little there until there is none left? So, you do not think that you need more than nine rounds and, indeed, I often carry a .45 with only eight. But I don’t think it is your place for you to agree to negotiate away my right to carry my Glock with 15 rounds, any more than you would like me, say, to agree that 30-06′s had no place on Colorado’s streets and should not be owned. One day it is large magazines, another it is pump action shotguns, then automatic shotguns, then any rifle that is not a single shot, then any handgun with a caliber over 320, then water pistols and so forth. Have you never heard the expression “we must all hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately.”

      If you want us fellow enthusiasts to stand up for what you think you should own, then you must do the same for us. Many of us believe that if one is ever involved in a gunshot, it is best that we do not need to reload until it is over, no matter how many shots it might take. And, in any case, it is totally unproven that magazine limits make the world a safer place.

  • John says:

    Sorry, that should say “gunfight” not “gunshot.”

  • SloCatch says:

    John, I want to thank you for your very civil response although I do somewhat disagree. I was perfectly clear that I do not disagree with the recall, but support it. If I was able to voice my opinion with a vote I would have, but it was not my district. I do not nor did I say I opposed a 30 round clip. I suspect if in a fierce firefight on the homeland it would be with authorities coming to take my weapons. I doubt if they would ever come in force to begin with. If they did, I would have the hardest time aiming to kill one of our own. I would hand it over if I had not hidden it by that time; it is only an asset, not worth taking a life for. Then again if I was put in a situation where they came in force to take my weapons hopefully I would be able to disable the weapon that opposed me at 100 yards, I feel I would only have one shot to do it. I have never seen anyone in a firefight standing up. It is impossible to shoot from the prone position with a long clip without defeating your purpose of being in the prone position. If everyone had 30 round clips, the available ammo would be expended in a very short time. The Government is the only entity with excess ammo. My position on the 30 round clip is that it is unnecessary, accuracy is. Most of the copycat murderers use them; they are never in the prone position from what I see. The pictures of SWAT team members do not use them from what I see. I love my standard Chevy truck, I laugh when I see a Chevy truck with spinners and a lift kit. I most likely would be the one to stand alone, it was my upbringing, and I don’t expect anyone to stand for me. The only person that I know that has a 30 round clip and an assault weapon drives his car in a most offensive manor, as well as his motorcycle and sailboat, in my mind has no business owning a weapon of mass destruction. Again, thanks for your input. Hope to meet you at the range someday.

  • andy says:

    fastgirl hates Obama because he’s black. Fastgirl, you are racist right wing filth. You’re subhuman

  • Ross says:

    I will pay anyone who can hack Andy’s address. Would really like to know where Andy loves. Since your so brave Andy, post where you live…want to pay you a visit. We can …talk…

  • andy says:

    Ross is a coward. Ross, I hope your loved ones die of cANCER

  • andy says:

    fastgirl and ross are cowardly conservative scum.

  • SloCatch says:

    I have had time to sleep on the comments you made. I want you to know that this morning I received an application to join the NRA and I have chosen to do so. Again, thank you for your very civil comment.

  • Dale says:

    When are these representatives, whether local, state or federal, going to start representing their constituents and not vote their conscience or their party line? And on gun control, why go after law abiding citizens? Why don’t they require the criminals, excons and others like them to register their guns and restrict how many bullets they can have in a magazine or gun. Oh wait a minute, its already against the law for them to have guns, but nothing seems to be done about that. Why are the damocrats so afraid of law abiding citizens having guns? Is it so they can more easily turn the country into a socialist or communist state?

  • SloCatch says:

    Solution: 3rd Party.

  • andy says:

    libertarians have no chance of winning and the republican party will be extinct soon enough. Guns don’t come before humans you sick right wing vermin

  • andy says:

    This how pathetic the worthless conservative scum has become. Guns Over People

    That is what GOP stands for.

  • Mike says:


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