Report: Newtown shooter used Magpul magazines

Posted on: 2:09 pm, November 25, 2013, by , updated on: 06:08pm, November 25, 2013

DENVER — Adam Lanza, who went on a shooting rampage last December at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn., carried out the killings using 30-round magazines made by Colorado’s Magpul Industries, according to a 48-page report released Monday.

Lanza used the company’s best-known “PMAG” (polymer magazine), a 30-round magazine, to kill 26 people, including 20 first graders, the report said.

Colorado lawmakers this year passed five bills aimed at strengthening the state’s gun laws, including a measure that bans the PMAG and any magazine of more than 15 rounds.  Lawmakers cited the Sandy Hook shooting as a partial motivation for the laws.

Magpul, which is based in Erie, fought hard to stop the proposal, even threatening to leave the state should it pass (the measure became law in May and, as of November, Magpul has not yet moved although the company said it’s still planning it).

The report describes the ballistic evidence as including “a total of twenty-four rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition found, of which ten rounds were in one PMAG 30 magazine, thirteen rounds were in another such magazine and one live round was on the floor.”

Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick shows lawmakers a magazine during a March hearing at the Capitol.

Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick shows lawmakers a magazine during a March hearing at the Capitol.

“There was a third empty PMAG 30 magazine seized. There were a total of eighty expended 5.56 mm casings seized from classroom 8,” the report said.

The report also states that Lanza’s Bushmaster rifle “was found with the safety in the ‘fire’ position. There was one live 5.56 mm round in the chamber and one PMAG 30 magazine in the magazine well. The magazine contained fourteen live 5.56 mm rounds of ammunition.

“The rifle did not appear to have malfunctioned when observed by the WDMC van unit, but a CSP-ESU report described the weapon as appearing to have jammed. When tested later, the rifle functioned properly,” the report said.

“Two empty PMAG 30 magazines that were duct-taped together in a tactical configuration and one live 5.56 mm round were found near the rifle,” the report said.

FOX31 Denver has been unable to reach Magpul executives for comment on Monday’s report.

On Twitter, former Senate President John Morse, one of two Democrats ousted from office in recall elections this September as part of a backlash to the gun control legislation, took aim at Magpul Monday afternoon.

His tweet quickly drew a response from Americans For Prosperity, a conservative group that supported the recalls:


  • Mark S says:

    He probably also wore Hanes underwear. You should do a story on the link between his choice of underwear and the shooting.

  • Sloppy reporting.

    “…company’s best-known PMAG, a 30-round cartridge…” Stokols, learn what a magazine is, what a magazine does and what a cartridge is. Perhaps Rep Diana DeGette can help you out.

    “…any magazine of 15 rounds or more”. No, 16 rounds or more. 15 round magazines are not banned.

    Stokols, your incredible bias is all over this article.

  • DR Commish says:

    Not printed here… mainly due to space… are a few of the OTHER “credible theories” that are believed to be circulating, related to the Newtown shootings….
    Lanza was seen drinking a 7/11 Big Gulp just hours before…
    Lanza was known to have used plastic bags to transport his ammo…
    Lanza drove a car that ONLY got 15 mpg…
    Lanza once attended a “tea party” as a child….
    Lanza always ordered extra cheese on his Papa John’s Pizza…
    Lanza ate Papa John’s Pizza….
    Lanza frequented Chik-Fil-A restaurants….
    Lanza was taught by his mother to recite the Pledge of Allegiance…
    Lanza also knew ALL the words to the National Anthem….
    Lanza was thought to have been originally thought to have been a “White-Hispanic”…
    Lanza’s father was a corporate executive….
    No where in many of this “research” is it reported the actual concerns of Lanza’s suspected mental illness, and his seemingly endless attraction to the violent video games.
    Go Figure….

  • Hey Stokols, how about that Honda Civic he drove. Did you write an article blasting Honda?

  • ……so effin what?

  • Jenny Lange says:

    And this is relevant why? Why dont you report on all the anti psychotic pharmaceutical drugs he was on…oh I forgot, big drug companies vote democrat.

  • What difference does it make who made the magazines? There are tens of millions of 30-round AR-15 compatible magazines in circulation, and there is no way any restriction on magazine capacity could pass the present House of Representatives. Once the Democrats get the shellacking they deserve because of the Affordable Care Act and all the accompanying lies, once the middle class discovers that it has been reclassified as “rich” for the purpose of wealth redistribution, any gun control proposals will be dead on arrival for at least six more years.

  • Test says:

    What medications was Lanza using leading up to this event?

  • Steve in Aurora says:

    Asking for an apology from Magpul is exactly the same as asking GM for an apology when a drunk driver kills someone or asking a skyscraper architect/engineer for an apology when someone jumps to their death from its roof.

    Morse is so classless and shameless in using this tragedy to advance his half witted political agenda.

    What a an absolute creep.

  • Michael in Westminster says:

    I love how the progressive John Morse will always blame someone else….not the real culprit the effin person who did the act….ALWAYS someone else for making something he used. Thank gawd he was recalled.

  • Michael in Westminster says:

    Oh yeah jump on the band wagon since you don’t have an original thought or purpose in your whole political life John. Glad your gone.

  • Roscoe says:


  • T says:

    Did anyone consider the “shooter” had a bone in his leg at the time?

  • T says:

    A better news story would be informing Morse he is no longer@SENjohmorse, he’s just regular @John nobody Morse now.

  • Tom says:

    Once the senator always a senator

    Like people to still refer to George Bush as president

  • mike bogey says:

    Sukols wrote the article. What more can you say. Sukols is an a$$!

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Magpul are worthless scum. I am glad they are leaving CO. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out you fn scum

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Bye bye magpul you POS. Glad you are leaving CO. Good riddance

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Take your worthless company out of CO magpul you scumbags

  • CC says:

    I believe conservativesarescum happens to be John Morse…
    We will keep Magpul, but you need to be shipped out.

  • Ha ha ha…..smith ridley is Eli stoklos!

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Conservatives are white trash

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Colorado hates you magpul. Leave CO and do us all a favor.

  • conservativesarescum says:

    Magpul, leave CO already. We don’t want you trash here.

  • john cook says:

    “conservativesarescum” is a blithering idiot, as are all the fools who are trying to blame that magpul company for the shooting. They had no more to do with it than whoever made the toothpaste that scumbag who did the shooting used.

    why are libtards so dense? you heard of “mensa?” the libtards belong in “densa.”

  • David B. says:

    No, he used his murderous, messed-up brain to kill 26 people.

  • conservativesarescum says:

    you conservatards are sick people. Putting guns ahead of human life. Conservatives are truly retards.

  • clownrodeo says:

    conservativesarescum did you forget the fact Lanza was a registered democrat and obama campaine volunteer. So take your own advice your ignorance is showing.

  • conservativesarescum says:

    You conservative retards have blood on your hands. You sick freaks.

  • The Senators remark is like asking ford and cherolet to apologize for all the fatal accidents that happen with cars. Most all instaments are made for the benefit of mankind. It is the Evil few that use them for evil purposes. I really think that a lot more parents should be mentors to their children. And keep an eye on them. In the columbine incident the parents were cluless as to their kids activities and so was Adam lanzas parents werent allowed into his room. When that is going on they are hiding something. Check to see what they are hiding its your house and your room they are just temporary occupants.

  • guestamundo says:

    Violent Video Games Kill! Ban Video Games! This kid was trained to kill with Video Games! (as did the Columbine killers with the game DOOM). And while we’re at it; BAN HOLLYWOOD VIOLENCE in Movies to end the Batman Shootings!

  • Republicans&magpularegreat says:

    Guests , people were killing people way before Hollywood and the media , just google the bath school house massacre if you don’t believe me.

  • BYte me says:

    Eli Stokols should be fired for his reporting!

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