Nasty stomach virus keeping doctors busy, patients sick in metro Denver

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DENVER -- There's a stomach bug going around the Denver area keeping doctors busy.

Pediatrician Michael Simones says, “The hallmark symptoms of course are vomiting and diarrhea and perhaps a person might have vomiting and diarrhea both at the same time.”

Dr. Simones is not the only one seeing cases of the nasty stuff pick up in the past few weeks. Many patients like 8-year-old Evelyn have been taking time off school because of the virus. She describes the bug as, “Not good.”

Her stomach ache lasted a few days and when it got worse, her mother Jessica Peterman, decided to take her to the doctor. Peterman says, “It can be hard. When they first say stomach ache you're like, 'ok go to school, you're fine.' When it starts to drag on and they are not eating it's a little disconcerting.”

Dr. Simones says, “You really should call your doctor if the symptoms last more than several days, if there's any blood in what you throw up or any blood in your diarrhea.”

Staying hydrated is key. To try to avoid getting sick, wash your hands with soap and water after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after changing dirty diapers.

Dr. Simones says, "If you know that somebody is sick, certainly try to limit direct contact or intimate contact with that person because you can get the virus from touching a person that's sick.”



  • CI

    I have gotten the stomach bug and this is my second time in a 7 week period. The somach cramping is the worst along with nausea and some diarrhea. The stomach cramping and nausea get worse when food is ingested along with increased acid reflux and belching resulting in vomiting. The chills also accompany this manifestation of symptoms along with headache . No fever what so ever in my case. The first time I had it over 7 days. I am into day three at this time. I am missing alot of work do to this. I did get the flu shot in October. I was reading other website and some state the flu (H1N1) mimic these symptoms. I was surprised to read that.

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