Officials ponder where pot smoking should be allowed

DENVER — More than a year after Colorado voters pushed to legalize marijuana, the city of Denver is now considering new rules that would prohibit smoking in public view even while on private residential property.

The proposal, which will be presented and discussed during a meeting on Monday, would make it a crime for people to consume marijuana in public view including balconies and patios.

“I know I don’t want my kids seeing people getting stoned,” said Gina Carbone with the advocacy group Smart Colorado. The group, which prides itself on putting kids first when it comes to marijuana policies, believes the regulations limiting marijuana on private property are important to protect both children and communities.

Not everyone, including many people who pushed for legalization in 2012, believe the proposed measures are necessary in Denver city limits.

“Every member of the Denver city council who votes for this measure better be prepared to explain why it is illegal for an adult to use marijuana openly on their own private property but perfectly legal to drink as much as you want in front of everyone,” said Mason Tvert, in an interview with FOX31 on Sunday.

Monday’s Denver City Council meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.