Aurora 8-year-old found after reportedly going missing on walk to school

Posted on: 8:21 am, November 19, 2013, by , updated on: 09:12am, November 19, 2013

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AURORA, Colo. — An 8-year-old Aurora girl who went missing while walking to school Tuesday morning has been found safe, police said.

According to Aurora police, the girl was reported missing around 6:30 a.m., having last been seen on her walk to Jewell Elementary School, where her morning daycare center is located.

She began the walk from her family home, which is near the 1200 block of South Sable Boulevard, police said.

Just before 9 a.m., police said in a tweet that the girl had been found safe. They did not indicate what had happened to her while she was missing.

Police officers swarmed the area where the girl was last seen, canvassing residents and looking for leads.

This story will be updated as more information arrives.


  • Lisa says:

    I’m not judging – I understand that certain situations warrant such things – but why is an 8 year old walking anywhere by herself at 6:30 in the morning?!?!?! How scary. I live in the area and will be keeping a look out. Poor sweetheart… hope she is found safe and sound soon!

  • Eric Ernst says:

    …anyone know the whereabouts of Eli Stochols and confirm his last 48 hrs of activities??

  • christi says:

    This must be a bad area. Seems everything happens in Aurora.

  • Julie says:

    it would be a cold day in H*LL before I would ever let my 8 year old walk to school ALONE!! let alone at 6:30AM?? find a family friend or neighbor in this day and age letting children walk alone is just CRAZY!! Lord please let her be found ASAP and safe!

  • Rosie De Los Santos says:

    Prayers to the family that they find her safe! <3

  • andrea says:

    Really? An 8 yr old walking by herself? Cmon parents, i hope to God she’s ok!

  • mary says:

    I could never let my child walk alone my son is 14 and i still don’t let him leave the house by himself if i was this mother i would not be able
    to live with myself knowing she was and alone and allowed it some people shouldn’t have kids!

  • ramsey says:

    I understand people have to get to work really early or what not but you can’t be letting your kids walk alone these days. I have a 7 year old and a 15 year old and neither of them walk to to school or from!

  • Anqelleeka says:

    what’s wrong with parents these days…smh hope she’s okay god bless her

  • Sandi says:

    I agree with most of the comments here as my granddaughter attends Jewell Elementary and she is allways walked to school by her mother. I do NOT agree with the post from Julie. Everything BAD does NOT happen in Aurora!

  • Sandi says:

    Correction on the last comment. I mistakenly said a post came from Julie that I did not agree with but it was Christi’s post

  • Ana C says:

    Hopefully they find her alive and well.

  • T says:

    Christi….Aurora is HUGE and that is why it seems everything happens in Aurora. It is the biggest “city” in the Denver area. Like all areas it has the good and the bad parts. SE Aurora is WAY different than N Aurora etc :)

  • andrea says:

    Thank goodness, never assume its ok. If parents are not able to get your kids to school,network with others. Never be too careful!

  • chris says:

    shame on mom for letting her walk alone! i hope she learned from this thanl heavens baby girl is ok

  • lilo says:

    Parents i dont know what you maybe doing in the morning but am sorry ! you need to GET UP AND TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL!! dont just let them go in the morning and hope they might get there and back!! this days you can’t even trust that they will make it to the corner! its time to show this predators! we are watching our kids!!

  • Why would you ever let your 8 yr old daughter walk to school alone? Especially at 6:30 am??? And the job is not an excuse…find a neighbor or one of her friend’s parents and pay them to make sure she gets to school safely. Whatever it takes!

  • Tim says:

    It was actually Aurora Public School Officers who found the little girl. I’m glad she’s okay and thank you to all those who helped find her!

  • Pati says:

    I agree with the others why is a 8 year old little girl walking alone at 6:30 in the morning!!!!! I NEVER let my little girls walk any where along and that was years ago…..

  • Eric Ernst says:

    Thank goodness, she is safe. A lesson learned,the difficult way. Glad it wasn’t a worse possible outcome.
    Eli Stchols is now off the hook, for now

  • eddie says:

    Typical quality of parents in Aurora.

  • LRus says:

    So if there was no parent to walk with her to school, then that leads one to believe she is getting herself up and get ready for school alone. I’m sure APD and Child services will be investigating the home now. Sad how some children have to live. Their parents to raise them, they simply grow up on their own my the grace of God.

  • Vita says:

    Thank God They Aloura safe and sound!!!!

  • Carol says:

    It is so sad that a young girl of 8 is left to walk alone at 06:30 with so many incidents lately of children at risk for being abducted. I only hope that the parent(s) wake up to reality and take the fact that their daughter was found safe as another chance to do better as parent(s).

  • shawna says:

    eddie not all parents in aurora are like that!!!

  • shanell says:

    I want to know at her age why she was walking alone that early in the morning?

  • Scott says:

    I agree, no reason for an 8 yo to be walking alone at 6:30 in the morning. I have 5 kids to get to school at 3 different schools. I get home from work late, but get up every morning with 3 hours of sleep to take them to school and make sure they get there safely. I hope this is a wake up call to her parents. I will not judge the parents because I do not know their situation, but they need to make safe arrangements for their child.

  • Boulder native says:

    Now all the predators will be waiting for this little girl. I hope the parents put a stop to letting her walk alone.

  • Wow really people? What a judgmental bunch of folks. The issue should NOT be that the parents allow the girl to walk to school but that the girl disappeared; that she was not allowed to be safe in an area where she SHOULD be safe. As a parent I WANT to be able to let my eight year old walk to school like I did when I was a child. Stop judging the parents for something that they should be able to do and start HELPING PARENTS KEEP THE NEIGHBORHOODS SAFE FOR OUR CHILDREN!

  • Robert Gift says:

    At 6-years-old I walked to school.
    Was she taught how to walk to school safely, being observant, how to run and where to run and to scream at the top of her lungs and continue screaming and flailing if anyone tried to accost her?

  • Julie says:

    @ Eddie……I am an Aurora parent and would NEVER let my child walk to school alone.
    @ Cheri…. I do watch out for my neighbors kiddos, but I would still NOT let my child walk to school alone in this day and age. It is not like it was 30 years ago, when neighbors actually talked and had dinner together and knew each others children. Today most people barely acknowledge they have anyone else living in their neighborhood. They come home close their garage and never look out the window again. Although I may be a rare breed I actually know all the children by face that live on my street, and watch out for them regularly as that is how my neighbors were when I was growing up. However there are so few of us, that the ones who do watch can not have their eyes everywhere at all times. It truly does take a village to raise a child……..However it still comes down to the parents MUST be responsible about their own children. It is sad that our children do not get to live the same freedoms we did, but they don’t! Period!! My daughter although she does not get to walk alone, knows what to do when approached by a stranger, she knows to run and where to run to. She knows to scream. we have taught her not to just scream for help but to scream “fire”, because it has been proven that 80% of people within ear shot of anyone yelling for help will ignore the yell, but 100% of people who hear someone scream FIRE will come running.

  • Jessamyne says:

    Allowing an 8yo to walk to and from school or a bus stop is not black and white like most of yall make it out to be. Area and location must be factored in. I let my 5 yo walk to the school bus stop by himself all the time…surely there were enough kids around! Now hold up…before you get your panties in a bunch, might I add that the bus stop was right in front of my house? Life really is no less or more dangerous today than it was 30yrs ago. We have merely grown older and fully understand the dangers that exist. Educating children on what to do when a stranger approaches is just as vital as it was to many of us when we were kids. Running the opposite direction, drop, squat, and hug a leg of a potential kidnapper, or screaming fire instead of help were all important tools once taught repeatedly in schools. If the schools no longer do this, then as parents it is OUR responsibility to fill the gaps.

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