Struggling with sinusitis? Live chat with an ear, nose & throat doctor

Posted on: 7:37 am, November 6, 2013, by

Over 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis each year. That includes sinus infections. Are you among them?

If so, what can you do to prevent it? How should it be treated? How do you know when it’s more serious than a cold or flu?

This morning at 7:15 AM, we had an an ear, nose & throat doctor on Good Day Colorado as part of our week-long “Your Health: Head to Toe” series.

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  • George Jones says:

    Hey Doc what do you think of Alcolol?

  • Coradene montague says:

    Does it matter if it is wintertime, to have tonsils removed, along with the adenoids? The patient is twelve years old, and we live forty five minutes from the hospital, so what do we do for comfort after surgery? The surgery is scheduled for the twenty fifth of nov. in alamosa. Thank you, Cordelia and broadus antonito, co.

  • jjobr1en says:

    Can you help ear infections and vertigo illness with antibiotics?

  • Will C. Holden says:

    Our doctor’s answer to your question, Coradene: Wintertime shouldn’t be an issue for tonsil surgery. -VR

  • JBR says:

    Hey Dr. Ramakrishnan. I’m your biggest fan. You’re the best sinus surgeon ever!

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