Man suffers injuries while fighting off 3 attacking coyotes

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DENVER -- A Longmont man was attacked by a pack of coyotes while he walked to work early Monday morning near Niwot.

Three coyotes attacked him and he had to receive treatment for numerous bloody gashes after he was able to fight them off.

He says he has been walking to work since his vehicle broke down.

Wildlife officials say they found two of the three animals and put them down. The experts say their aggressive behavior meant it was likely they would attack someone again.

Coworkers say they will give the man a ride to work in the future, so he doesn't have to face a similar situation again.


  • Maria M Martinez

    i going to ask the same ? how do you all know which coyotes did attack this man and why did they attack him. to its a concern to me cause never know when you may face a coyote. how would get away fro it.

  • WrongsideofheavenRighteoussideofhell

    Coyotes are easy , buy a lil cricket .22 single shot put on a lil burris red dot or 3x scope from walmart( about 150 total) or there is always the bow/crossbow route. With enough hard work we can exterminate them from the immediate area and push the into the fields and plains of the east part of the state. Judging by the fact that they are attacking human i would have to say they have gone through a lot of their food supply(cats ,dogs, and varmits) if they are getting that desperate. And to answer your questions guys , its not hard to track a blood trail to a coyote(or anything for that matter) anyone can do it if they are observant enough. And they attacked hi due to dwindiling food duh its basic animal(predators specifically)101. Go spend time anywhere outside and you will see this behavior whenever a predator has finished his supply line.

  • Me

    They also could have run bite impressions on the wounds and then on the animal they picked up. Divers, broken teeth and missing teeth could be used like a fingerprint of the coyote, to confirm which animals were involoved

  • Jack

    Well, no trapping.. See what you get? It’s not going to get any better either. Coyotes learn. They adapt. They can adapt to things that would boggle your minds. They can live right in a housing development… And you will never know. Until kitty cats vanish.. Then Fido. Kids will be attacked. You are going to end up with coyotes that have their instinctive fear of man bred right out of them. Enjoy :)

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