Slideshow: Send us your Colorado sunrise photos

Posted on: 9:56 am, October 8, 2013, by , updated on: 10:27am, April 17, 2014

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  • Shot by Matthew Lane of Scenic Embrace

  • Final sunrise of 2013 as seen from west of Berthoud.

  • 56th Floor from my office at the Republic Plaza

  • Sunset 3.23.14 near Greely, Kathleen Leverett

  • Colorado Springs, south of Denver for those that have never been here, has some beautiful sunrises and sunsets with Pikes Peak in our backyard!

  • sunrise

  • Sun over the Sangre De Cristo Mountain.

  • Shot by Jason Kohut of Scenic Embrace

  • Friday morning's snowfall

  • Sunset Rifle, CO 2/23/14

  • Early morning sunrise on the eastern plains of Colorado. by Mike Mireles

  • (Photo: Dave Masters)

  • Magnificent sunset tonight from Highlands Ranch

  • This is a sunset but still fantastic.

  • Thad Roan, Littleton

  • from Thornton

  • Photo of sunrise, taken by Sandy Gomke

  • Broncos sunrise over Centennial (Shaul Turner)

  • Rob and Zet Photo . Sunrise off 75th and York

  • (David Harpe)

  • October 8 sunrise (Beth)

  • photo by Adam R. Jones

  • 6:45 am 18 Dec

  • October 8 sunrise - (Beth)


  • Sunset

  • (David Harpe)

  • Morning sunrise from Bailey (Rachel Clawson)

  • Taken tonight around 445 PM

  • Colorado sunrise 2014

  • Stunning colorful sunrise over Denver! (Chris Tomer)

  • From Green Valley Ranch

  • Castle Rock sunrise by Karen Lindquist

  • Early Morning September.

  • Looking east from Morrison colo

  • Photo (Kitty)

  • October 8 sunrise

  • Beautiful Colorado sunrise from Starbucks at 120th and Huron (Bob Thorstensen)


  • (David Harpe)

  • (Leo Lopez)

  • This was taken at sunset in December 2013 from Frisco Lake.

  • Picture taken from Floyd Hill near Evergreen

  • Sunrise shot overlooking Downtown Denver

  • Sunrise early 10/8 from the DIA ramp

  • (Photo: Dave Masters)

  • Thad Roan

  • Taken just south of Greeley, CO.

  • Sunrise North of Seibert, Co

  • This photo was taken the last week of February 2014. From: Joyce Rankin 970.704.0200

  • (Photo: Dave Masters)

  • (Bruce Haynie)

  • Sunrise from Louisville on Tuesday morning!

  • Just breaking the horizon...

  • Breathtaking.

  • Hello my name is Jessica Palma from Center Colorado. I took this photo behind my house just as the sun was setting Yesterday.

  • by 36

  • Red Mountain Open Space north of Fort Collins on 3/25/2014. "Hoarfrost" on bushes and trees.


DENVER — FOX31 viewers have been sending in some gorgeous photos of Colorado’s sunrises over the past few days.

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