New iPhone now selling for just $45

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A look at the new iPhone, expected to be called the 5S. (Photo: CNN)

A look at the new iPhone, expected to be called the 5S. (Photo: CNN)

A little more than two weeks after it first went on sale for $99, Apple’s colorful new iPhone 5c is already on the bargain racks.

First Best Buy rolled out a promotion on Thursday to offer the Apple iPhone 5C for $50, and now RadioShack and Walmart have announced similar price cuts on the new device.

On Friday, Walmart — which was already selling the phone for $79 — slashed its price to $45 through the holiday season, while RadioShack plans to give customers $50 gift cards to apply towards the iPhone 5C phone through Nov. 2.

Best Buy’s deal only lasts through Oct. 7. All promotions apply only if customers sign a two-year wireless contract.

The 5C, which costs $99 if purchased through Apple with a two-year contract (or $549 without), is the cheaper version of the 5S phone. Analysts speculated that the 5C would not do as well as the high-end 5S, which costs $199 with a contract and features a fingerprint sensor, better camera and faster processor.

The 5S has been frequently sold out at various locations, even though Apple reported shipping 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C models in the first weekend alone.

Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are slashing prices in an effort to entice consumers to buy the 5C, according to ABC. Target is also offering a reduced price on the colorful plastic model.

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