New t-shirts help benefit Colorado flood relief efforts

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Three weeks after floods devastated part of the state, Coloradans continue to come forward to help. Now, some Longmont residents have teamed up to sell T-shirts to benefit flood victims. And business is booming.

"This has been insane," said Stephanie Baum, one of the organizers of the Great Colorado Flood Relief Project. "We've had orders literally around the world, foreign countries, and it's been crazy."

The shirts feature an image of an umbrella covering the Colorado logo. Scott Brooks, a Longmont artist and friend of Baum's, came up with idea while rain was still falling in mid-September.

"And I just thought of my home state Colorado and how much I loved this state and that image was the first thing that popped into my head," said Brooks. He made it his Facebook profile image and within hours that image went viral in a big way. He and Baum then decided to produce and sell the shirts, with proceeds going to community foundations in affected flood areas.

"It exploded," Baum said Sunday. "On the third day we had $22,000 in sales." Now the T-shirt effort, which is run from Baum's living room, has become an almost round-the-clock enterprise.

"Extremely, totally," she said. "It consumes every free moment."

"I've always been proud of my art but... I've never created anything that's been bigger than myself," said Brooks. "And that's a pretty great feeling."

Baum said she knows why are the T-shirts are selling.

"I think the logo really captures... somehow to the core how we were feeling," she said. "Like we needed an umbrella over our state."

$65,000 is now ready for donation and orders keep coming in. The shirts cost $12.

Visit the Colorado Flood Relief website at


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    …wait! What is wrong with that logo? IF ole Chickenlooper and his buffoons have their way it should be that green triangle with the letter “C” in the middle with a snow crest… REMEMBER, anyone, that horrible logo he was thinking of changing the iconic C from??

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