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Family says baby born on Colfax Ave. is doing just fine

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DENVER -- It's been called the longest, wickedest street in America.

But last week, Colfax Avenue was also the birthplace of an 8 point 6 ounce baby.

That baby is home now. She’s doing just fine after a chaotic entry into the world that included the rumble of engines and sirens where baby Kendri Flores first came into the world on July 31.

"All of a sudden a minivan pulls up. A guy jumps out real quick. He doesn't speak any English. So it was like real-life charades," said FOX31 Denver news photographer Josh Hans, who just happened to be at the intersection where Kendri's mother went into labor.

Kendri's father, Jose Alberto Nava Flores "was trying to physically describe that his wife just had a baby," Hans said.

Flores was rushing to get his pregnant wife to the hospital—but he didn't make it in time.

At the time, panic, fear and tears overcame him.

"(I was) crying because at the moment. I thought, ‘I should've been able to help my wife, because I only had five more minutes to get to the hospital,’" Flores said. "I just wanted to get to the hospital and hoped she could hold on. But she couldn't. Then she said, 'Here comes the baby,'"

And he has many to thank for her roadside birth.

"Thanks to God everything turned out well. Thank you to all who helped us--to the one who helped me call an ambulance," Flores said. "Now, we're home and happy because at the moment it was a scare."

Flores said St. Joseph’s Hospital kept Kendri and her mom in the hospital an extra day just to be safe since she was born in a van.

And the two people who helped the family joked they should have named Kendri ‘Josephine’ since she was born right off Colfax and Josephine.