Nose gear collapses on Southwest flight in NY, plane was due in Denver later

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DENVER – The nose gear of a Southwest Airlines jetliner collapsed while landing at New York's LaGuardia airport on Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The Port Authority of New York says at least 11 people were receiving treatment for injuries. There were 150 people on board.

Flight 345 was scheduled to fly to Denver following the stop in New York. It was supposed to arrive at Denver International Airport at 8:15 p.m.

The Boeing 737 reported potential landing gear problems before touching down on Runway 4 and coming safely to a stop at about 3:45 p.m. MDT, the FAA said in a statement.

The incident halted all arrivals at LaGuardia.

Various news outlets reported that there may have been three minor injuries.

At least one emergency slide was deployed at the rear of the plane and fire department vehicles surrounded the jet on the tarmac.

Southwest Airlines said the jet would be taken out of service.

The New York to Denver portion of the flight was canceled Monday nights. Southwest was working to accommodate passengers.