Find out where Twinkies are available in Denver

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DENVER -- The equity company which purchased Hostess Bakeries is set to cash in on the consumer clamor that has now seen Hostess Twinkies, CupCakes, and Donettes saved from the scrap heap of snacks and treats.

Plans call for 50 million Twinkies to be shipped to 100,000 stores in the first two weeks of the launch—which began this week—and another 40 million Hostess CupCakes and 6 million bags of Donettes.

The company plans to get to those lofty numbers by running four bakeries on two shifts a day, seven days a week to fulfill the orders.

The new owners of Hostess, trimmed fat, cut some workers and lowered the pay of others still on the job, saying, “Cuts were needed to make ends meet.”

At metro Denver Albertsons stores, there are Hostess displays right in front of the checkout lanes, right where the cream filled treats need to be, so all can pick up a box of 10 Twinkies.

FOX31 Denver's Jon Bowman found them at the Lowry store, 200 Quebec St.

The chain is the only store we found carrying the treats for now, but that will change in the weeks ahead.

Now that the company is no longer weighed down by debt, which prevented the old company from investing in its 11 plants for more automated, efficient bakeries, new owners plan to upgrade the remaining four plants by investing more than $100 million to upgrade them.

They also plan to spend another $75 to $80 million to open a fifth plant next year.

“I just love Twinkies, I am buying these for my grandkids,” said Bev Hicks. “But they better eat them quick, because I can eat the whole box myself!”

Another mom, Kim Eikenberry, said her kids have never had Twinkies—as her five-year-old picked up a box and put it in the cart.

“I had them as a kid, and since we do eat healthy, one box won’t throw them off too much… while my oldest loves vegetables, my youngest one loves sweets.”  Mom saying it should all work out.

One shopper said, “Twinkies are like the 4th of July, Mom and apple pie.”

I don’t think anyone can argue with that. Yet another case of ‘social media’ saving an icon set for the scrap heap of snacks. Well done Twinkie lovers!