4-year-old boy dies in apparent drowning at mobile home park

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DENVER -- A 4-year-old Lafayette boy was found dead in a mobile home park swimming pool Sunday afternoon after he apparently drowned, the Thornton Police Department reported.

Police arrived about 2:56 p.m. to a report of a drowning at the Pine Lakes Ranch Mobile Home Community Clubhouse Pool, 4210 E. 100th Ave. Witnesses had removed the child from the pool prior to police arrival and unsuccessfully initiated CPR.

Preliminary investigation indicated that the child was last seen in the children’s pool. Police believe the child somehow entered the adult pool and was later found floating facedown in the water. There were about 50 people in the area at the time, including several of the victim’s relatives.

"That little boy's life is over. He had four years and that was it," said a friend of the four-year-old's family.

Overcome with grief, a woman who works at the pool said the boy had been wearing a life jacket earlier in the day, but didn't have it on when he was found face down in the water.

Police officers later arrived and took the life jacket as evidence.

Those who witnessed the drowning were clearly shaken by what they saw.

"He had blood coming out of his nose...they were trying to get vitals back in... They were doing CPR and nothing but blood and water kept coming out of him....he's 4 years old because somebody can't do their job at a swimming pool," said a resident who was at the pool.

While some residents blame the pool staff. A sign on the fence at the pool clearly states swim at your own risk.

"There's no life guard and like no one pays attention here," said Olivia Duran, who swims at the pool.

"This is really, really sad," said a resident who witnessed the drowning.

A small memorial has been set up outside the pool to remember the little boy.

Police are still investigating the exact sequence of events leading up to the boy's death.