Denver zoo welcomes new Przewalski horse foal

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DENVER — The Denver Zoo celebrated the birth of a new Przewalski horse Friday morning.

Przewalski horses are an endangered species. They are considered the only remaining, truly “wild” horse in the world, said zoo spokesman Sean Andersen-Vie.

The foal does not yet have a name. Andersen-Vie said the foal is the first birth of its species at the zoo since 1991.

“The foal is quietly exploring its yard under the watchful eye of its mother, but guests can see them both from the zoo’s main pathway now,” Andersen-Vie said.

Przewalski’s horses, also called Mongolian wild horses or Asiatic wild horses, once roamed throughout Europe and Asia. Today they are only found on reserves in Mongolia and China and in zoos around the world.

The species was actually extinct in the wild for almost 30 years, before reintroduction projects began in the early 1990’s.

The horses faced a number of threats that may have led to their extinction, including hunting, military activities and competition with livestock for resources.

Recent estimates indicate that there are now more than 300 in the wild and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies them as endangered.