Lawyer: Ex-CU player accosted about Nebraska gear before assault

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DENVER -- A Boulder judge set bond at $10,000 for a University of Colorado football player, and one former player, who are accused of attacking a 22-year-old Air Force Academy cadet.

CU quarterback Jordan Webb and former offensive lineman Alex Lewis were arrested Saturday morning after witnesses reported seeing them knock another man unconscious on University Hill, said Boulder police.

The two posted bond and were released from Jail late Monday afternoon.

Lewis' attorney Donald Brenner disputes the facts in the case as they have been presented by the prosecution, saying his client merely "shoved a fellow" as a result of being accosted by a man for the fact that he was wearing Nebraska Cornhuskers gear.

Lewis, CU's starting left guard last season, was planning on transferring to Nebraksa this summer.

Brenner says the man who accosted his client about the gear was 22-year-old Lee Bussey, a student at the Air Force Academy  Police say Bussey was also the man knocked unconscious in the assault.

"I don't feel there is enough evidence to go forward and convict my client," Brenner said. "He might not have handled the situation properly, but he's a kid. It's a really sad event for a really nice kid."

Lewis is accused of shoving Bussey's head into a brick wall and then both pushing and kicking him while he was on the ground. Webb and Lewis, both 21, were booked on suspicion of second-degree assault. Formal charges are expected to be filed Wednesday.

Webb's attorney, Lou Rubino, says his client's involvement in the incident wasn't criminal, and he expects the starting CU quarterback to be exonerated.

The police report states Bussey was walking back to an apartment with a woman around 3 a.m. when he bumped into Lewis, who was walking the opposite direction. From there, a shoving match ensued, and ended with the 5-foot-11, 185-pound Bussey being grabbed around the neck and thrown into a parking kiosk by the 6-foot-6, 250-pound Lewis.

Bussey was reportedly knocked unconscious and was bleeding from the head when police arrived. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he received stitches and told police he had little recollection of what happened.

Bussey’s female friend fled the scene and reported the incident to police.

Lewis said the fight began after Bussey threw a punch at him, and that he acted in self-defense. Lewis also told police he had been in Denver celebrating a friend’s graduation, and had consumed 10 beers, six glasses of wine and six shots of various alcohols before the incident.

Both players were charged with second-degree assault, but like Webb's attorney, Lewis insisted Webb was never involved in the physical altercation. In addition to assault, Lewis is also facing two charges of harassment.

In Colorado, second-degree assault is a felony that carries a mandatory prison sentence.

“Jordan’s exact involvement in this incident is still being investigated,” CU football coach Mike MacIntyre said in a statement. “We continually stress the importance of appropriate behavior to our players and do not tolerate any detrimental conduct in our football program. Once all of the facts come to light, if Jordan is found responsible for any misconduct, he will be disciplined according to team rules.

“Since (Lewis) is no longer a Colorado Buffalo, it will be up to Nebraska to decide what discipline he might face,” MacIntyre continued.

Webb, a senior, started much of last season. He suffered a torn ACL during a practice in April and had surgery to repair the injury.