Potholepalooza coming to Denver

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DENVER — In some cities they are offering a one month Potholepalooza, where citizens are encouraged to phone or e-mail in their ‘favorite’ pothole, so crews can dig them out, and asphalt over them before they cause vehicle damage.

Potholes are the result of water getting in between road surfaces.  When temperatures fall to below freezing, the water freezes and when the temps rise the ice melts and can actually eat-away at the surface.

The freezing and thawing cycle leaves roads with pot holes big enough to cause wheel, tire and shock damage to any car that dares to cross them.

“We have about $1.7 million budgeted for pothole repairs in 2013,” said Denver Public Work’s Emily Williams. “We fill about 100, 000 potholes each year, and already the first four months of 2013 we have filled about 21,000 with one thousand tons of blacktop.”

Motorists with low profile tires and rims hate this time of year.

“I hit one near Colfax and Broadway and it cost more than $600 to repair my front end,” said John DeLeon of Denver. “These things can be very bad for your car!”

Taxpayers can snitch on a pothole by simply calling 311 or by e-mailing Public Works in your community.

In Denver, they try to work on complaints within 24 to 72 hours after they are notified.

Denver has its own asphalt recycling plant, which reuses pavement which has been roto-tilled and carried to the plant.  That way taxpayers save a tremendous amount of money when it comes to producing the mix needed to fill those unwanted chuck-holes which migrate in every spring.

If you have a favorite pothole, hit me back @ jon.bowman@kevr.com.