Family, friends of Annie Meyer to conduct search for missing woman Saturday

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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. -- The large family of a missing Wheat Ridge woman prepares to launch a search for her Saturday.

No one has seen Leann “Annie” Meyer since the first week in February.

But a friend didn’t file a missing person’s report until March 3.

Mark Meyer walks into the Wheat Ridge Police Department hoping for answers that seemingly never come.

“We just have no great information. But we are hopeful,” says Meyer about his younger sister.

The last time anybody saw Annie, 52, was February 7.

“It’s breaking our family. So any information is just great,” he says.

Information has been hard to come by--especially since the one person who might have answers isn’t talking.

“The roommate, Melissa Miller, is not talking to police. She was supposed to do a polygraph yesterday [Thursday] and then she was going to come to the police to give a statement. Of course, that never happened. That just bothered us,” says Meyer.

No one answers the door at the home of Melissa Miller’s parents in Lakewood, where a child has written in chalk in the driveway: “We Love you Annie. Come Home!!”

“We all know Annie. We don’t know where she is at. Don’t know anything,” says Miller’s brother-in-law.

Miller’s brother-in-law also says he doesn’t know where Miller is.

“I don’t know. She’s never around,” he says.

But if Miller won’t talk to police they hope to get some answers from Meyer’s two vehicles found abandoned Wednesday.

“At this time, we have not recovered anything that is so substantial that it leads us into one direction or another,” says Wheat Ridge Police Commander Dave Pickett.

They’re also looking through her financial records to see when she last used her credit cards or bank accounts.

But police say they still have no evidence foul play occurred.

“We still have no crime scene; we still have no one that says that she was fearful. No one that says she had enemies,” says Pickett.

But they do agree Meyer’s disappearance is a mystery.

“This is frustrating. We really want to know where Annie Meyer is,” says Pickett.

“We love her and we just want the answers. We want to see her,” says Meyer.

Friends and family, including Annie’s elderly mother who drove in from Minnesota Friday, will search for Meyer starting at 2:00 p.m. at 44th Ave. and Newland St.

They have also opened an email address,, which they hope people will use to receive copies of flyers they can post in their car and neighborhoods statewide.