Police arrest man dealing marijuana for ‘donations’ on Craigslist

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Andrew Kipling Walton (Photo: Douglas County Pattern Crime Unit)

Andrew Kipling Walton (Photo: Douglas County Pattern Crime Unit)

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — In the wake of Amendment 64’s passage, there has been some confusion about what is legal and what isn’t when it comes to marijuana possession, distribution and use.

The Douglas County Pattern Crime Unit (PCU) moved to clear up a little bit of that confusion this week, reminding a 22-year-old it’s still illegal to sell pot on Craigslist.

Perhaps believing that not setting a firm price might improve the permissibly of his actions, Andrew Kipling Walton posted an advertisement on the online marketplace suggesting he would trade marijuana for “donations,” according to PCU spokesperson Ron Hanavan.

In exchange for the 3.5 ounces of marijuana Walton gave them, two undercover PCU detectives donated a ride to the Douglas County Detentions Facility.

Hanavan said the detectives made contact with Walton using the email attached to his Craigslist advertisement, and made arrangements with him to deliver the marijuana to a location in Lone Tree.

After officers examined the product and determined it was indeed marijuana, they took Walton into custody. He is being charged with unlawful distribution of marijuana of less than five pounds with a prior conviction, and has posted a $1,500 bond since his arrest.

Colorado law enforcement and legislators are still trying to figure out how they will regulate marijuana now that Amendment 64 has made the substance legal locally, but not nationally. Hanavan hopes this arrest will serve to clear up any misunderstandings Coloradans may have about their right — or lack thereof — to sell it.

“Amendment 64 authorizes possession of marijuana,” Hanavan said. “However, there is no law authorizing the distribution or sale of marijuana — except medical marijuana.”