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Young victim in sex assault points to accused attacker during trial

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DENVER -- The 9-year-old victim of a kidnapping and sexual assault pointed toward her accused attacker in a Denver courtroom Tuesday morning and described her kidnapping before leaving the witness stand in tears.

Bret Lee Thompson faces charges of second-degree kidnapping and sexual assault on a child.

The victim said she was kidnapped from the alley behind a home on Raleigh Street by West Virginia Avenue in June 2011. She was dropped off about 90 minutes later at a gas station.

Thompson was arrested 11 days later in New Jersey.

A friend of the victim, a 13-year-old boy, was the first to testify Tuesday. He said the two were taking a dog for a walk when Thompson pulled up next to them in a van.

He asked the victim to help him throw away a TV box, the friend testified.

The boy said Thompson lifted the victim up so she could throw the box into a trash bin and then put her in his van and drove off.

The victim then took the witness stand and described the abduction.

"He put me in the van in front between the two seats," the victim said.

Prosecutor Allison Rocker asked, "Were you scared?"

"Yes," the girl said.

The victim said Thompson drove to his house in Aurora and touched her with a body part. She started crying and then he drove her to an alley near a gas station, the girl said.

She left the van and went into the gas station and asked for help. A clerk called the girl's parents and police.

When Rocker asked the girl to point out her kidnapper, she pointed to Thompson and then started crying and had to leave the courtroom.

Thompson has pled not guilty by reason of insanity claiming that he has Disassociation Disorder.  After his arrest, Thompson was sent for a psychiatric evaluation in Pueblo.

In 2012, Thompson's foster mother was sentenced to 60 days in jail for lying to police about Thompson's whereabouts in order to help him flea the state.