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Four-year-old safe after fall from third-floor window

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AURORA -- An Aurora toddler is lucky to be alive after his mother reported him falling three stories from an apartment complex window screen and landing onto a pile of rocks.

"I didn't know if I was going to get down there and see a child laying in a pool of blood," said Jessica Hayes, the toddler's mother in an interview on Saturday.

The accident, which happened in mid-February, sent the four year old to the hospital for nearly two days. The family is thrilled to be in a new home with better protection. The toddler, Dylan, escaped with only cuts and bruises.

"There are some things that parents just don't think about and it was hard for me not to blame myself but over the last two weeks I've gotten to tell myself it was an accident," added the thankful mother.

Consumer Safety Experts estimate some five thousand children a year or fourteen a day are injured or killed from window related accidents. Injury prevention specialists recommend parents keep furniture away from windows where children could climb and invest in window locks.