Senate will hear House gun bills first week of March

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DENVER — A package of four Democratic gun restriction bills that passed the House on Monday will be introduced in the Senate some time next week, FOX31 Denver has confirmed.

The legislation, which includes a ban on high-capacity magazines and background checks on all private gun sales, will get its first hearings in Senate committees the week of March 4.

Other measures to be heard include a ban on concealed weapons on college campuses and a proposal to charge gun buyers a small fee to cover the cost of the CBI background check.

All four bills cleared the House Monday after a combined 15 hours of floor debate spanning two days. On each of them, at least one Democratic lawmaker voted no.

The narrowest margin was a 33-32 vote in favor of H.B. 1228, the bill instituting the background check fees, with four Democrats voting against the measure.

House Democrats hold a 37-28 majority.

In the Senate, Democrats hold a 20-15 majority; that means Republicans need to find just three Democratic no votes to kill any of these measures, compared to the five they needed, and failed to find, in the House.

Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, has said he will introduce legislation that would make gun manufacturers and retailers liable for any crimes committed with their assault weapons, but his office says he’s still working on the legislation and offered no timetable as to when it might be introduced.