Connect 4 more than just children’s game at local brewery

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DENVER -- When it comes to children's games, Connect 4 is right up there with Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. It's something a lot of people remember playing as a kid. But a local brewery is turning it into a very adult weekly tournament.

Renegade Brewing hosts a Connect 4 tournament every Tuesday at 7 p.m., and they give away a beer tab for first and second places.

"I play Connect 4 all the time for free," said contestant Will Luce, who recently won second place and was delighted to have earned a $15 beer tab.

Laura Vande Zande, Ambassador of Beer Enjoyment at Renegade, said the children's game proves to get people pretty riled up.

"You just go right back to age eight, where you're playing against one of your siblings and you really need to beat them," said Vande Zande.

The free tournament takes place at the Renegade brewery at 925 W. 9th Ave. in Denver.

"Playing games and drinking beer is always a good idea," said Vande Zande.