Company promotes marijuana vending machines now that pot is legal in Colorado

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LOS ANGELES -- It's a technology that's been around since the late 1800s but now one medical technology company is hoping vending machines could help Coloradans legally obtain marijuana.

Medbox, which operates in several states already, is working with Colorado lawmakers to understand how their technology could be applied to the statewide effort that legalized marijuana last November.

"There's many different options that we could provide," said Dr. Bruce Bedrick in an exclusive interview with FOX31 Denver last month.

The machines, which are currently in use in California medical marijuana dispensaries, are meant to help pharmacies keep better track of both their products and employees.

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The machines, which depending on the customization can range into the tens of thousands of dollars, are used to protect against both employee theft and property crimes.

Company officials stress the technology can also help tax collectors and law enforcement keeping better track of marijuana use.

"The tracking inventory control can tell you where you are in terms of your inventory to know to order more product. It really is the most efficient way to operate a dispensary," added Bedrick in California.